exporting video

I'm trying hard not to hover over Middle.
He's been traveling for work of late and I like to stay in touch with him but don't want to be one of those mothers.
Sometimes I'll float an idea for a text message past K who will, inevitably, shoot me down.
Don't bother him! Leave him alone, he's fine, he'll say to me and I'll hold off texting for a couple of hours.
I suspect I have the normal level of mom-anxiety when Middle is away on business but I know I have an additional dose of it due to family circumstances. People haven't always gone away and been fine in my circle of relatives so I have a tendency to perseverate a bit.
No matter. I'm doing okay, I think.
Fortunately, for Middle, I've been married to a film/video guy for an awfully long time.
I've slept through the 20 hour work days, I've gone to locations to visit, I've spent time with a guy who has stood up for 23 hours and accidentally brought home $10,000 in petty cash. So I know, when Middle tells me they have one more shot to get before they wrap, to add between two and four hours depending on where he is.
Tonight he is only one state away but the entire first day of shooting was scrapped and they re-shot (probably working for 18 - 20 hours) and he's editing.
He was good enough to text me this afternoon to tell me that bit of bad news.

Middle: Shoot day one was a total failure. Shoot day two went perfectly, editing now. Home late tonight.

bb: I hate to tell you but I think, if you are in after 10:00, that you need to grab a cab.

later -
Middle: It was really bad. The footage will never see the light of day. Everyone thought it was gonna look fine in the edit but there was no joke. This morning went well, there's a girl in it, and D pukes. 
It's magic. 
Exporting video now, gonna head home soon.

Exporting video now. Gonna head home soon.
If I had a dollar for every time I've been told that.
It's a funny thing that he ended up where he is.
Or it's not at all.


Kathy said…
Dude. My DH and boy child speak a language together that I do not understand. I do think the boy will put his own spin on this thing they share and end up heading in another direction eventually, but you never know. It's funny to watch, eh?
Paola said…
I had written a comment about my son and badly I want him away from Positano as soon as he grows up but then I realized what I wrote could be totally misunderstood.
Suffice to say he'll have to go.
Life's too hard and harsh in this little town.

I know I sound horrible and bitchy but you living here is not vacationing here.
Jen on the Edge said…
I can understand the worry, but think about the fact that your young man is making his way in his chosen field. Wow.

Accidentally coming home with $10K in petty cash. Blows my mind.
It's good to read a Middle update.
At least you understand the language when he tell you why he's running late.
Anonymous said…
It IS a blessing that you have good background on his chosen path. Otherwise I can only imagine the worrying and fretting and wringing of hands. Heck, even with an 11-year-old I find myself hovering too close at times.
Anonymous said…
I have to wonder if he is working on something that I could see someday. Because if there is a movie magic being made by there being a girl in it along with a guy named D who barfs, well, THAT I cannot resist.

alice c said…
It sounds wonderful - this description of Middle so busy doing what he loves. I am glad - things work out as they should sometimes.
tut-tut said…
L is in the middle of her second semester of her first year. It's been quite a 12-month experience, the end of HS, the beginning of college, the search for self.
Anonymous said…
Wait. Middle is working? Last I knew he was in art school. Funny how they move on. Good for him.