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So many nice people wrote to me about my dry grey hair!
I should tell you that I'm doing a deep condition once a week and a using a leave-in conditioner at least once a week. I'm also going to pick up some of this because I love the scent of it.
AND I use blue shampoo that the Hair Genius gave me which I sometimes mix with my sulfate-free shampoo on the advice of a fellow white-haired lady. Finally, I don't wash it every day.
So? Pretty much under control though I did feel the need to mention its texture as it feels so very different.

I've been made a member of the Blog Board at my job. We did, as you may remember, an internal blog for about a year, which I originated. It was lovely, really, and functioned as a sort of company newsletter and opened the employees to the idea of a corporate blog which has now been approved and is almost ready to fly. Not only will I be posting here and at BlogHer (which recently syndicated my second Men Of Toast post) but I'll be helping to inspire/recruit and write with co-workers on a marketing driven blog. It will be interesting for me to write with my own voice, in a slightly more corporate tone, with my real name on the posts. Several bloggers I know have, of late, dropped their pseudonym and started claiming their blogs for themselves or stopped blogging all together. I have come from the time where it was somewhat prudent to protect the identities of, at least, my kids and now I'm not sure I'm ready to give up being bb. So many people know me as bb. I'm not sure I want to - or have to, but I'm kicking it around.

The other item a lot of people weighed in on was the dress for the wedding party, and, honestly, what would I do without you all to bounce these things off?  A couple of people suggested I browse Shabby Apple where I saw this:


which I like very much. But I have some kind of Shabby Apple mental block. Is it that there are too many variables? Do the dresses seem to be sort of stiff and bulky? Is it the cut? The styles? I can't get my head around it. Fill me in! I know people love their stuff.
Then I realized that I've want this dress FOREVER -

LBD back

It's the Uniform Project Little Black Dress and I have coveted it for the longest time.

little black dress

It's got ME written all over it.


I'm very excited.

What else? I've successfully enrolled Youngest in summer classes at the Fine Arts University Of His Choice for July (tight deadline, much competition, wonky website), I got my boss off to Europe with just a few days notice, I convinced K to make me Guinness Beef Stew tonight.

It is absurdly cold here so I won't be taking out the spring things this weekend.
I thought you might want to know that too.


Unknown said…
I wish I culd convince K to make some Guinness Beef Stew for dinner. That sounds delish and so perfect with today's grey chill. But it would get too cold by the time it arrived in Seattle...

I wasn't familiar with Shabby Apple and went to see what you were talking about. I agree; there's something about so many variables, and many of the dresses do appear stiff and bulky and the cuts don't seem to suit the fabric choices. But I did see a couple of cute things.

And that Uniform Project LBD is completely you! You would wear it in so many imaginative ways. And it seems like it would be perfect to take to Holland with you--so versatile! But mostly I'm shopping vicariously through you, I suppose.
scot - in lower case said…
Shabby Apple - what a great name1

I woke up to a lawn covered with snow1 9today 1= an exclamation point and 9 and 0 = parenthesis, my keyboard is circulating the drain here1 The shift key works when it damn well wants to1
Anyway, its very cold here also. Thats ok though, i love spring snows! short, wet and everything smells so good for a bit.

once again it was monday-part 5
SONG FOR late in the evening when the day has ALMOST kicked your ass. you gotta check this out1

something about the sun will rise just speaks to me.
In Japan they have a saying that says before making a big decision, wait 2 days. In America we say...sleep on it.
brendan James says... the sun will rise!!1
you gotta love that1
scot - still in lower case said…
i know, i know CIRCLING, but today "circulating the drain' just fits better1
Anonymous said…
For the record, I don't love everything Shabby Apple. But I am coveting the Gondola dress for spring and summer.

I will keep looking for you though, because I love this sort of thing. Email me price range? Size range?

robiewankenobie said…
the dress is PERFECT FOR YOU. seriously. PERFECTION. also? the grey hair is amazing. the grey hair, the dress...oh my, but i wish i had your style. and i just saw that they sell the pattern for the dress! which i'm going to make - but probably in purple.
RW said…
a corporate blog?
what is that? I am fascinated.

and excited for you. I love the black dress -

we are in the midst of a deluge of rain. it is dark and miserable
Paola said…
It would be seriously HARD to give up bb and its misterious fascinating world.
You ARE bb.
Nice little black dress, totally you.
Congrats on the corporate blogo thing (I as well don't know exactly what it is or how it works but it sounds totally serious and important).
I noticed it's still quite cold there, not particularly here but it's raining, still raining ... aside from a flower or a budding trees, no other signs of spring ...
Hilary said…
You are going to love the oil - or at least I hope so :) I am convinced that spring is never going to come. We had one day were it was summerlike, but then it was followed by snow….UGH! Mother Nature is such a tease!
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on the Shabby Apple bias. But the other dress? Tres chic.
BB goes corporate? That could be a separate blog on it's own! The metamorphosis of a blogger.
The stew sounds as wonderful as your son's class.
Wendy said…
Still feels like winter outside and I want to shop so badly for spring and summer clothes. In fact, I already have a little bit. So for that reason, I am forcing myself to switch the clothes tonight. It might help me to shop with a purpose. That's the theory anyway.
The Coffee Lady said…
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The Coffee Lady said…
I know what you mean about the identity thing. I've been to a couple of parent blogger events recently and have been the only one blogging anonymously - they feature many pictures of their children whereas I take care not to use pictures of their faces.

And then pictures of me at these events are turning up on other people's blogs and I just feel very uncomfortable about the whole thing. But I seem to be in a freakish minority. We're encouraged to Share Stuff about ourselves to make our readers identify.

I share all kinds of crap. I have no desire to add my face to that list.
KPB said…
that top dress is to die for and perfectly delicious for wedding wear.

that second dress is a school uniform. Move on.
Paula said…
Well, I know both your names but you'll always be bb whatever you choose to call yourself. You'll know when and if the time is right.
MsCellania said…
Hey, I know why that top dress won't work. Your boobs are still too big for it, I think.
Your Real Name is very chic (with your maiden name initial?)...but bb is very, very good as well and you're waaaaaay beyond FAD (Famous Among Dozens) by now.
The princess lines of the Uni Dress will work well when you get the size right. You may need to have the hips taken in a bit.
My hair is bone dry. I sympathize.