blackbird's two minute movie reviews

I know what you're thinking...but, bb, I thought you don't like violent films? I thought you had the film viewing tastes of, say, Mother Theresa? And, yes, you'd be right. I don't like violent films, I cringe at blood on the screen and get too agitated to sleep if I see too many murders before midnight.
Unless it's zombies.
We were waiting for Youngest to call (he's a bank robber in a play at school) for a pick-up when we switched on Zombieland.
You know Zombieland, don't you?
It's famous for it's list of 48 rules. You know how I love lists! And rules!
Sure, I had a hard time during scenes where Zombies are eating people, but once I reminded myself that all the blood is Hershey's syrup I was able to maintain my composure. Plus, there's a Twinkie sub-plot.
And a surprise guest star! Have a glass of whiskey and enjoy, I say.

I mean, really, can you blame me? Rules!
I swear to return to tasteful movie watching as soon as possible.
Honestly. The King's Speech is on my list.


Kathy said…
We own this movie (we don't buy many movies). And my son has a cap that says "double tap" on it. Enough said.
Paola said…
Who ARE you!

And what did you do with my sweet Bb.

Um, I guess all the stuff your master coiffeur used must have had side effects ...

I am not even thinking about watching the trailer.
Crayon said…
New hair AND Zombieland? Does life get any better?
Crazy Mom! said…
I love Zombieland, it's hilarious. Plus, it was shot locally, so DH and I kept looking at it and saying "that's downtown McDonough" etc.

Love the rules.

PS My veification word is lints. I didn't know lint could be plural....
Anonymous said…
Good for you! Zomblieland is supposed to be good, and of course, it has the lovelorn cutie from Love Actually smackdab in the starring role--what could be better? (Well, maybe Carl, the one Laura Linney got to make out with.)

Meh on The King's Speech. I felt that it would have made a good TV movie. Not Oscar material, imo.

tut-tut said…
was not a fan really of The King's Speech, what with Winter's Bone and the Coens' take on True Grit among others in the running. tho I didn't see Black Swan; too scared.
Tracey said…
I also watched this movie on the weekend. So funny, I forgot about the violence. Love the surprise guest star and his surprise end.
Scot said…
I hate zombie movies but, for some reason I watched this movie and actually liked it. I'm sure it was because Jesse Eisenberg was in it. I do like this kid and have since the TV show GET REAL, not to mention THE SOCIAL NETWORK (great movie!)
And, yeah, I loved the special guest star and his demise. You had to see that coming!

My keyboard is dying. If my comments look stranger than usual, thats why. Shift key doesn't always shift.
kt said…
We loved this so much we convinced the girlie (who is 13 now--GAH) that even though she doesn't go for the scary movies, she'd like it.

We all giggled and snorted all the way through it. Hecka fun.

And I liked The King's Speech. Nothing unexpected, but some wryly fun lines. And Jennifer Ehle and Colin back in the same flick! I'll watch him Firth-ing about in anything, thanks.
Anonymous said…
I have not seen it, and now I will not avoid it!

Last night I watched "Mary & Max".
Have you seen it?

Anonymous said…
whoops, I was confused. In my comment I was referring to the zombie show on AMC, Walking Dead. Is that what's it's called? Anyway. The Love Actually guy stars in that.