as of Thursday afternoon

Did I mention that a pigeon flew into my head?
It's true.
I was walking to work and there were a number of pigeons on the sidewalk scurrying around to avoid pedestrians. One of them darted toward me and then took off, brushing my bangs (fringe) with its large, filthy wing. I was so stunned that it had actually made contact that I don't remember what I did.
I felt the phantom sense of it happening all day.
It's not really shaping up to be a great week, though my friend J tells me that the pigeon must have been some form of divinity.


alice c said…
I hate pigeons. That's all I can say on this subject.
Paola said…
UGH. They are awfully dirty. Sorry.
Divinity? ... please.
zephyr said… commute on public transport and touch how many public doors, hand rails, etc on the way and at work/shopping/living?
Pigeon is probably least of your worries.
Quick. escape to funny blog/insert ear buds and listen to fab song and forget about it. And what i just said.
Anonymous said…
Once I was dive-bombed by a crow, and I just about had a heart attack. I am thinking it was a mother, worried that I would somehow mess with her nest as I waited for the bus? Not sure. Terrifying though.

jordi said…
You know, they say if a bird ..ummm ,,,poops... on you it is good luck. Well, how much luckier must you be to be touched and not befouled. I think it is grace and you can enjoy it....(I am a half full glass kind of person about things like this..) and my verification word was turedw... now how prophetic is THAT!!!!
Eleanor said…
Duyvken has a pigeon phobia.

Just felt like telling you that.

She says they are rats with wings.
KPB said…
*snort* we call them rats with wings as well Eleanor.

Also - we have a saying - pigeons carry lice. I'd be doing a treatment toot sweet.

This is so something that would happen to me, followed by a tripped over the pavement and flashing my undies at passers-by. Because I am classy like that.
Scot said…
Could have been worse. I mean look at what happened to Fabio. He he he.

Kim, Eleanor & Duyvken are right, they ARE rats with wings, kinda like squirrels are just rats with good wardrobe
Anonymous said…
A lorakeet pooped on me last week. I think I would rather have one hit me in the head...
Mary said…
And I too call them rats with wings ( and class seagulls in the same category) maybe it is an Australian thing.

Which is probably not making you feel any better.
Hilary said…
OMG! That is one of my biggest fears. I would have so freaked!
Wendy said…
Things like that are why you are the only bird I like.
RW said…
that might have done me in for the day. I do not like things flying in my face.
Amy A. said…
I hate close calls with birds. I actually hit a seagull a few weeks ago with the car. I was like George Costanza... "We had an agreement!!"

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