with teeth

I am completely obsessed with NIN's With Teeth album. (Are they still called albums?)
Interestingly, teeth figure prominently this week.


Oldest reports that SweetTarts are in season. How does he know this?
"Mom, you can just lay the blue ones on your tongue and they melt instantly into a perfect tarty dust."

Middle doesn't have much of a sweet tooth and loves Hot Tamales.


I try to pick up boxes of these two candies at the supermarket.

Youngest is a product of his candy generation. He gravitates toward the supersour sweets.


As he is the one recovering from oral surgery (swollen! doing okay!) he's got a while before he can indulge in gooey stuff.

K is a Heath Bar kind of guy. And, if you are lucky, he'll whip up some vanilla ice cream and crush some Heaths into it for you.


He's devoted to the Take 5 as well but they aren't so easy to find.

And me?
Well, I'll tell you.
I was sitting in Poppy's living room awaiting a taxi to O'Hare when she handed me a Tootsie Pop.


I hadn't had one in 20 years. I haven't had one since.
And I want one right now.
I guess we'll have to do some candy shopping this weekend.


RW said…
thanks for this.
Crazy Mom! said…
I'm partial to Heath bars and sour jelly beans.

My grandfather used to call Heath bars "H Eat H" bars. He was a card...
alice c said…
That is a totally amazing video.
Love it.
Wendy said…
Vanilla ice cream with Heath bar sprinkled over it is my favorite dessert.

For now I get my fix at Halloween when I raid the girls' loot after they go to bed.
I'm not a NIN fan. I was taking a walk and listening to my iPod on shuffle when suddenly someone was SCREAMING in my ear. I looked at the iPod...guess who?

I'm with Middle on the Hot Tamales. I am also a big fan of the Fireballs.
Paola said…
Guess what. NONE of those candies are available here. And the only time I ever tried a Take5 is when you brought it over.
And I can't but agree 100% with K. It is THE most delicious bar I have ever tasted.
As per candy, Hot Tamales are YUMMY and Sweetarts are good too. Extra sour ... not for me, thx.
Poppy B. said…
Tootsie Pops are pure gold. My kids like them and they're only 60 calories each. What could be better?

But you've got to watch out for the new flavors. Pomegranate has its fans around here, but Banana is evil. Evil on a stick with a chewy chocolate center, but evil, nonetheless. I buy the 100 count boxes of Tootsie Pops and pull the banana ones out right away so there is never the dispiriting moment when you reach into the box and that's all that's left.

I don't throw them out, thought. I'm saving them. I'm hoping they repel mice or maybe vampires, because they certainly repel Buxoms.

Hey--I've got an idea! I'll put a pile of them outside the master bedroom door when I want a little alone time with Mr. Buxom. Genius!
Scot said…
Those candies are ok but I'd much rather have a box of Junior Mints. Plus SOMEBODY got me hooked on Lindt Chocolate/CHILI Bars! I'm also very partial to the new M&M's w/ Pretzels. Sweet AND salty, yum.

Great video. NIN concerts must be spectacular.
Have you guys seen The Social Network? Other than being one of the BEST written movies I've seen in quite awhile (..."are you medically stupid?"...even the throw away lines are great!) the music is by Trent Reznor. The bonus DVD has an interview with normally reclusve NIN frontman.
While I normally don't give a damn about the Academy Awards, I hope this movie wins every award its been nominated for. Armee Hammer should have been nominated twice for playing twins. That part(s) was freakishly well done.
So good I watched it twice in a row.