what we'll be doing

Yesterday, Poppy said we'd be doing a lot of this this weekend,


when, in fact, I do believe it will be more like this:

perhaps with a touch of this

- and, as you may remember from a BlogHer way back, this is our theme song.

I'm really looking forward.


Susie Sunshine said…
I almost forgot to pack my gold lamé suit!
alice c said…
You had your hair bleached! And you didn't tell me. I am crushed.

Go. Enjoy Chicago. Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine sitting here on the sofa. I am sure that I can find something to do to take my mind off how jealous I am.
Paola said…
Rub it in our faces, why dontcha!
Eleanor said…
Tracey said…
Got to love a post that includes Elmo, John Travolta in super tight 70s pants and Neil Patrick Harris. Have a blast. I'll be dancing at home to Dance Central on my XBox Kinect.
Scot said…
"perhaps with a touch of this"
What, 5 gay guys who stole Sha-Na-Na's costumes?
Totally loving the Coconut Farms Song!
Anonymous said…
Do you wear gold lame?
Looks like the best kind of fun lies ahead for you!
Celest said…
And then they take off their jackets... Love! (the commitment to gold and yellow lame - it's fierce)