Oh! Such misery! I have a cold!
My nose has been running and I have held off a sore throat with homeopathic remedies.
Youngest is pretty swollen (and the window of opportunity re pantyhose icepacks has now closed) but he's good about slipping some Arnica under his tongue and rinsing with warm salt water.
Meanwhile, it's time for my favorite show.

Nicaragua is pretty, I understand the rules and the teams seem to be a nice mix of young/old/men/women/capable/ridiculous.
Francesca was sent to Redemption Island and the action takes us directly there.
How long will she last? I don't think I'd like being there on my own.
Does she have a flint? Yes. But Mom realizes that she also has a lantern with a flame in it!

At camp Kristina is so happy she didn't play the idol. Phillip pulls Rob aside to speak to him. Rob is not impressed. Rob thinks he may be line of the night: government jobs? stressful.
Rob tells the tribe that Phillip needs to go home soon.

The next day, Phillip in his baggy undies, is hunting crabs. He breaks down telling us about his dedication to his country. Our reaction? He's batshit crazy.

At the other camp Russell is badmouthing Farmer Ralph and looking for an ally. Any blond might do. He chooses Krista and starts looking for the idol.
Ralph finds it "simple as wiping your hiney with toilet paper."

Rob scopes out his teammates. He confides in Natalie with the hopes that she'll be useful to him.

Gosh, the challenges look so big this season. And it would appear to me that the underwear several tribe members were wearing have been replaced by bathing suits. I'm watching for Phillips baggy briefs and am pleased to see he is wearing a pair of surf trunks. In watching for this costume switch I miss the rules of the challenge - it's a dive across a pool and then a jump for  - wait, I don't know. Jump in a pool whilst smashing a tile. Jump back in the water for a key? Locks are opened on a box to get a ball with which to throw to break more tiles. Farmer Ralph is doing beautifully for his team but Phillip's team catches up. Ralph wins for his team!
It's Tribal Council again for Rob's team.

It's raining when the team returns to camp. Russell spies a clue in the reward basket and slips it in his pants. Ralph has seen him do it and tells the team. It doesn't matter as Ralph has the idol but the team is now wary of Russell.
Russell goes to discuss the clue with his allies and when confronted by teammates denies seeing a clue.
They confront him and he turns it around and tells Ralph he doesn't like him coming at him.
Ralph's no dummy.
But he's got a hell of a back full of hair.

On Redemption Island Francesca got a luxury item: a journal.
She's worried about who might join her there and how they will challenge her.

Rob's team returns and Phillip makes a speech.
Rob tries to bring some levity to the situation.
Rob is pissed at Matt, who went to congratulate the winning team after the challenge.
Kristina wears the immunity idol around her neck.
People walk off with Rob to discuss who to vote out.
Rob wants Matt to go.
He constructs a complicated scheme in which Matt will be voted out and says something about Kristina using the idol but I miss it.
He takes Phillip for a walk and Matt tells us how impressed he is with him.
Rob tells Phillip, in confidence, to not pull any crazy stuff at Tribal, and that he'll be okay. He's going to signal to Phillip as to who to vote for.
Can Phillip pull this off?

Time for Tribal Council and Jeff speaks to Kristina first.
Phillip shows Jeff his tattoos and describes what they mean to him.
Jeff asks Matt if he thinks Phillip blew the challenge for them.
Phillip is looking forward to going to Redemption Island to fight Francesca.
It's time to vote...Rob puts his hand on Kristina's shoulder to signal to Phillip to vote for her and Phillip does.
Who gets votes?
Kristina plays the idol before Jeff can count the votes.
She gets a couple and then Phillip does.
Matt gets a couple of votes...and then another and then gets voted out.
Rob is strong and Matt is blindsided.
I don't know who the blond with her mouth hanging open is, but she's amazed.

Bed for me!


RW said…
a cold.
hope you find some relief very soon.
Paola said…
A cold. Again. Sorry.
Grandma Cebe said…
Blonde with mouth hanging open is Andrea who was getting too cozy with Matt.

I'm thinking that Russell may have met his match in Ralph. Time will tell.
Anonymous said…
Farmer Fuzz is my new favorite. And my friend pointed out to me that Philip's job title had a question mark after it. I thought that was hilarious.

Good recap! Ph IS batshit crazy. Reminds me a little of Coach in his own first season.