Remember when I used to write little blurbs on each of the players?
Remember when I used to be able to stay awake for an entire episode of Survivor?
Philip is a former federal agent.
Ralph is a "stupid bastard."
Ooooooooh, Jeff almost fell out of a helicopter!
We're in Nicaragua.

With only the clothes on their backs (oh, how important that first outfit is!) the group is dropped off on a beach. (Love the guy in the suit.)
Two additional players join them: Boston Rob and Russell get out of a second helicopter.
Stephanie wants to stare down Russell.
Neither of them have ever won Survivor.
Rob is on the orange tribe, Russell is on the purple tribe.
In one last twist, when you are voted out in Tribal Council you do not go home. You go to Redemption Island where you live until another player joins you. A battle ensues and whomever wins stays on the island until the end of the game when they re-join the winning team.

The teams head out. There seems to be no specific combination of players, no young versus old or experienced versus newbies.
FYI: the Survivor What If moments commercials seem to be a good time to go get a snack.

Russell has a word with his tribe. He claims he's not there to sabotage anyone, but to win. It's raining already. Ralph the farmer (ew, "mansweater") gets right to building.

Boston Rob helps with construction at his camp. Matt tells us it's like Camp Harmony. Natalie is a professional dancer. Ballroom, of course, says Mom.
They have shovels too! Is Phillip annoying? Francesca thinks so and I like Francesca.
Phillip explains that, as a former federal agent, he can analyze people's behaviors. And he loves women.
Wait. Something has gone missing at Rob's camp? No, it's that he knows that that one woman is looking for a clue. Rob gets square with Phillip as they are outnumbered by women (as he sees it). But Phillip turns right around and confides in that woman in the red tank top.

Russell confides in Stephanie. He promises to keep her immune until the merge but his teammates see him at work. They all agree that he needs to go as soon as possible.
Rob's tribe isn't that crazy about having him around either and some players are ready to vote him out.

Red Tank Top Woman finds the hidden Immunity Idol. People are wearing their underwear. I'm not sure I want to see Phillip in his underwear. He's grilling people and it's not nice. He's not making any friends.

Time for the first challenge of the season. Each tribe pushes huge stone blocks to build steps and, eventually a temple. They then solve a puzzle at the top of the temple.
The blocks are very heavy, both teams struggle.
The purple team leads while Jeff cheers them on.
The purple team have a big lead.
They start work on the puzzle.
Can Rob make up the time lost and solve the puzzle in time?
The purple team's lead has vanished.
But they win! They had been strong all along and it paid off.

Will Rob be sent to Redemption Island?

Kristina is redtanktopwoman and she confesses to Francesca that she has the idol. She wants them to say they are voting her off and then she'll use the idol and Rob will go (because the other half of the tribe will vote for Rob).
Meanwhile, Rob says he would have voted for Francesca because she knows his game but he changes his mind and tells the tribe to vote Kristina. He thinks Kristina has the idol and he explains to a gang how to play - to vote Kristina.
Kristina shows Phillip the idol and explains what they have to do. Is she playing him? Maybe. I have no doubt she'll vote him out later.

At Tribal Council Jeff asks Rob what happened when they got to camp. He talks to Phillip about being the leader. They discuss Redemption Island and how it will change the game. Phillip and Francesca have a little altercation and Phillip tells the team that Kristina has the idol! The plot is revealed. Phillip cannot correctly say Francesca's name. Rob pins Kristina. Does she want him out? He tells her to give him the idol to prove herself. She doesn't.
Rob is right. He's playing with amateurs and they do give everything away.
As K points out, it's a real mix up of votes.
Francesca doesn't play the idol, so it's anyones guess who's going to go.
Phillip, Kristina, Francesca all get votes.
Francesca gets voted out. She's off to Redemption Island!
(I wouldn't like living on an island I can't audition.)(Even though I know exactly what I'd wear!)


Anonymous said…
I finally watched it last night, and held tight on reading your recap until just now.

I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I always sort of dread the start of Another. Surivor. Season. But this one seems great already, hooray! Best first tribal council ever, too. I would definitely not want to be Kristina back at camp that night. Ouch/awkward!

Fran-ces-qua. LOL. I joked to my friends that if we drank every time Phillip said he's a former federal agent that we'd be wasted beyond belief. And we ALL agreed that the first episode was WAY too earlier to be seeing people in their undies. And we didn't even learn WHO that man who looks like a werewolf is. Speaking of fascinating!

NorahS said…
And did you notice the "?" after former federal agent? He does not understand The Game, that one.
Lifeofkaylen said…
Yay - I LOVE your recaps. I am fairly certain it's how you snagged one of the coveted spots in my rss feed (as opposed to my google feed which is a total whore).
Phillip: Anyway, they did the ? mark thing to someone else for their title in a different season, it's hilarious. Seeing that man in his baggy underwear was disturbing. I felt like I should have been warned first. He was SO rude to those girls, I was really surprised cause they just met and they were supposed to be in an alliance-why would you be so rude???
I hope they don't vote off Russell. He's entertaining!
I hope Francesca comes back, she was funny, the way she kept correcting baggy-pants-Phillip on her name. We laughed so hard!!!