Sunday evening reading

The football game is on but we tend to busy ourselves during play and pay attention during the breaks. Well, I do, anyway.
I've re-fitted my nightguard (did I mention that I bought one of those mold-it-yourself jobs? wonderful) put away the laundry and had some ice cream.
I sat down to read this

as I am fond of Mr. Bitman, and then glanced downward at this.

And though I do realize that the internet keeps track of what I'm looking at and then makes suggestions, I was a bit surprised at its accuracy.
As an aside: I have never touched Campbell's soup no less cooked with it.
My cholesterol is fine! Mine eyes are dry! (A side effect I was warned about and forgot. I thought my eyes were sleepy!)

I have a very busy week so it would be nice if the eye-drying medicine worked soon.
And the weather?



Anonymous said…
What does the Tuesday symbol mean? Is it snow and rain together? If so, that sounds messy.
Hilary said…
I am so done with this winter.. The Internet ads on Face Book freak me a little. Since I work in the alcohol industry, I usually "like" all my clients. So when I log in, I am surrounded by booze ads. I always feel like the biggest alcoholic!
Paola said…
You know, when I woke up this morning and checked my mail I noticed the "balmy" 41°F and went: oh!
It is weird to see anything higher than 32°F lately.

Hilary sounds interesting ... a job with booze ...