some anthropological notes

Found under sale:

shower curtain

The perfect shower curtain. I'm not kidding. We have had a series of white shower curtains in our loo. I've done an excellent job of keeping them white. I may need to retire.

ring holder

Sold under the pretense of being a "ring holder," I call bullshit. I love vessels, I love glass, I love sand. Objects on the blog may appear larger than in real life.


I am fond of bowls as well.


I'd like some curtains for our dining room which is now painted The Darkest Color Known To Man. Patterned curtains would be pretty. Beyond that, I'm stumped.


Mark my words: this is the dress code for spring. Did you know I (officially) hate epaulets? True.

Anthro is launching a bridal line.

It's called BHLDN, which I can only imagine is Beholden...and I can imagine quite a bit.

You might not think so, with me in my blacks and boots and slouchy clothes, but I do love to browse at bridal things.

I was asked, a long time ago, to write for a bridal site but I worried that there would be too much research to do.

Be you, be loved, Anthro tells us.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I'm off like a dirty shirt, people!
I need to do my hair, pack a bag, eat some lasagna and head out to the frozen tundra that is Girl Weekend.

Talk soon.


alice c said…
That bowl. I want it. Quite a lot.

Have a fab time. Be as good as you can but don't be too good because otherwise you won't have anything to tell us about.
Scot said…
BHLDN = Because Her Lover Doesn't Know.
That's a great shower curtain. I have terrible lighting in my bathroom and I have to use a clear shower curtain. I wonder if that one would be too dark to let any light into my shower.
Have a great time this weekend.
Stay warm.
Don't forget to get a picture of Poppy's floor.
robiewankenobie said…
sally forth and celebrate!
katek said…
love the shower curtain (have only seen that one in white) and the 'ring holder'.
hope you have an awesome get away!
Anonymous said…
I also HATE eupalets. I have never ever ever understood them.
Have a glorious weekend with your girls.

Anonymous said…
Happy trails, bb!

1. epaulets shit me. You haven't been to military school you have no needs for epaulets. wait. Epaulets are those shoulder thingies?

2. That ring holder shits me. Would last less than 24hrs in this house.

3. I adore bowls and am now coveting that one.

4. A ruffled shower curtain? Good luck with that one.

5. Anthro is doing bridal? *falls down dead*