O'Hare has these toilets in the restrooms -

perhaps you've seen this type? The thing is, you wave your hand in front of the light and plastic swishes around and covers the seat. Are you familiar?
I'm outing this whole thing as bullshit right now. It's the same piece of plastic, say I, and they just rotate it. Don't sit down!

bacon, mozzerella and pesto

Is this the best sandwich you've ever seen? Technically a panini, it's bacon, mozzarella and pesto and I want it.


Is this the chaunciest unicorn you've ever seen? Majestic? I saw it on my pal The Art Director's computer and begged him to share it.

And speaking of equine animals -

a bird, a horse and a muffin

another friend introduced me to the whole bird/horse/muffin theory today. Apparently, I am three parts bird.
But you knew that.

Here's an instructional for you. I do love scarves. You should too. You can wear the same damn outfit every day and switch out the scarves and no one will be the wiser. Just sayin.

Did you know the Dalai Lama is on Twitter?

I'm not especially happy to have learned this. I can't exactly explain why, but I think slightly less of him for it. (Though I'm not stupid and do believe that many of these twitter feeds are created by marketing departments. Is this one?)
I've always wanted to meet the Dalai Lama so I can walk up to him and sing Hello Dalai.

Segueing nicely from Hello Dalai to Hello Dolly (I'm a genius)...I spied this book whilst visiting Poppy last weekend and, you know, I think Barbra Streisand may be a little crazy.

That's it, kids. Crazy busy over here but I had enough time to wrangle my thoughts and pictures for this random post.


Anonymous said…
I bet 10$ that the Dalai Twitter account isn't really his work.
Don't burst my bubble on the plastic toilet covered seats at O'Hare--I've always adored that concept and never understood why it never took off in other public restrooms. The fine print SAYS they destroy the plastic after it's used!
And now "Hello Dolly" will loop through my head, not entirely unpleasant as earworms go...
blackbird said…
robiewankenobie said…
mistah lama, i'm bobby brown...whitney huston's husband...

Susie Sunshine said…
3 parts muffin, 4 parts espresso shots.
Rae said…
Please illuminate me... Bird, horse muffin? What the...? (as Leafy would say) Also...unicorns are real?
raych said…
If you were not someone who read my blog, I would steal the phrase 'chaunciest unicorn' AND that picture and plagiarize them shamelessly.
Liz said…
Cool, learned a new way to tie my scarf. :)
Anonymous said…
The Dalai Lama is a diva. According to my co-worker, that is, after the DL's visit to our campus caused all sorts of hullaballoo with his diva-like demands. It was very un-holy.
(The hullaballoo, not the comment.)

Paola said…
That's how I wear my scarves!!!
That sandwich made me cry. My cholesterol has gone up 40 points and I have to give up bacon AND cheese. Life is no longer worth living.

The Dalai Lama's nephew was doing a peace walk in Florida this week to call attention to Tibetan independence. He was about 80 miles from Orlando and was hit by a car and died.
Also, the Dalai Lama is my facebook friend.

Also, I need to learn about this bird, horse, muffin scenario.
Anonymous said…
Bird - horse - muffin? WTF?
The Coffee Lady said…
I do follow the Dalai Lama. I like the way he pipes up with something deep and true just when someone else is ranting on about their shopping or how their toast is unsatisfactory.
Anonymous said…
So much in this post! Want the panini, they have those toilets at many an upscale (or wants-to-be-upscale) joint, that's an Old Navy scarf, represent! (And we have jeggings and leggings on sale right now, BB. If only you could shop at my location I would provide you with both or either.)