men in suits

Chris Floyd has made wonderful little movies of men getting dressed.
Except that's not really an accurate description. And they aren't just regular men.
They are movies of how men think about their clothing. Except for the football player.
Oh, just watch.

I love hearing about how these men curate their clothing, their choices, their preferences.
I put a lot of thought into my clothes and appreciate when others have done so.
At this point in my life my wardrobe is composed of the same kinds of pieces every day which I add to.
I don't give as much thought to fabric as I could, but that fellow up there works on Saville Row so it follows that he'd know his worsted from his twist, just sayin.

Finally, there's this:


kkc135 said…
Loved reading/watching this post as this past weekend in the Washington Post there was an article about the new trend in men's accessories in China - the MAN BAG. Not just any man bag - a designer man bag! (LV, Burberry, Coach etc.) They say they need them to carry their multiple cell phones, wallets with huge wads of cash and other items of great importance. Says it's a sign of extreme wealth. We can only hope it will catch on in America! :)

Have a good one!
That Patrick is a snappy dresser! I love shirts with French cuffs.My Dad used to wear them and I loved his cufflinks.

LOVE the last video.
alice c said…
I must tell you that MissM had to go into New & Lingwood which is a gentleman's outfitters on Savile Row and she was surrounded by young men dressed like Patrick. She said that she got the impression they didn't go out into the real world very much.
Eleanor said…

I almost inhaled my coffee when that second guy mentioned Illamasqua. In my ongoing research of makeup I met a professional makeup artist last week who told me that I MUST check it out. So I went with Ms CB and OH MY GOD SO WONDERFUL. I am now the proud owner of a new lipstick called "Climax," Ms CB is sporting the reddest, shiniest lipgloss known to man (or woman). And THE NAILPOLISH COLOURS, good lord, heaven.

I really love this post bb.

Thanks x
Unknown said…
I always love the videos you curate for us. Fascinating! Well done, as always!!
Scot said…
Jesus, I had to refresh 7 or 8 times before I got a password I liked. shcatio - how cool is that?

To the first 2 guys I say BULLSHIT! Sorry but as I watched these movies I kept thinking "who are they trying to kid?
#2 feels more "match-o" wearing make up? Elton John doesn't wear make up! (Of course he already looks like an old lesbian...)
I know alot of gay guys and I know alot of metro-sexual guys and none of them act like that. They're trying to sell something.
You're right about one thing, they aren't regular men.
So as not to be thought of as a total philistine, my very colorful Old Navy long sleve tee shirts usually match one of the colors in my brightly colored plaid flannel shirts. AND my Levis almost always match my blue suede Airwalks!

As always...
Paola said…
I can't watch the vids here so I am a bit confused by the make up comments and all I'll say is
Ciao! everyone
robiewankenobie said…
i have a sekrit thing for the way boys tie their shoes. dunno why. anywhoo, mrfancydancy up there? boy gee howdy. i think i've got me the vapors!