listen up, you birds and horses and muffins

You are going to have to google the whole bird/horse/muffin thing. And you may not like it. But it rings true and resonates and, in much the same way that you'll never look at a FedEx truck the same way after someone points out the arrow in the logo, you will have bird/horse/muffin like an earworm - but an eyeworm.
Have I worn it out? Yep. I think I have.

It's windy as hell but quiet here this morning.
W limped in last night with a broken down car and he and K are learning some guitar things.

I surreptitiously recorded them whilst looking at JJill leggings on line.
I need a new pair of leggings and would love to order them on line BUT many purveyors of leggings are actually selling JEGGINGS and, for me, they are very distinctly different things.
I fear I may head to Target later today as I also need a new broom.

I had intended to do a movie review of I Am Love today but, sadly, the dvd was compromised and skipped all over the place beginning with the first steamy sex scene which we only saw as Ms. Swinton smirking afterward.

I did see the shrimp scene.


And I do know the ending. Really? A cave?
I loved watching young Emma, pre steamy outdoor sex.


Great bag, yes?
Truth is, I could look at Tilda any time but like her best this way.


Must remember to wear this next week.




raych said…
Anonymous said…
I just have to say it was the first time we played together AND W was learning an incredibly hard piece. Be nice to us.

blackbird said…
I have to say that it was lovely listening to them play...
Hilary said…
Ah...The wind... we flew home in it... Was quite the landing..