it never disappoints

K drove me to the airport earlyearlyearly.
I went to the wrong set of gates (after filling the bins at security with all my crappe) and had to redo, rather, undo it all a second time when someone told me my flight was in a different wing.
Not a problem as I like to arrive early at airports.
I settled in, with my Tuvaluan crankiness and watched some people.

This guy had a very loud phone conversation. At 7:00 in the morning. At the airport.


This couple was especially adorable. They lifted my mood.
But only slightly.
(Why the mood you might wonder? Still not healthy, very long couple of weeks at work, tired, whining.)
I boarded and settled in.
The lady next to me was one of those people who may or may not respect other people's personal space.
Her coat (which she wore for the duration of the short flight) kept creeping under the armrest and smushing against me. She read the Times (this may not seem like a big deal to you but have you seen how big the Times is? she read it fully open). She tossed her seatbelt aside to go to the lav and hit me with it. She never looked at me or said anything, which, in the end was fine with me.
I listened to music and read a magazine. Jennifer Anniston is happy, fyi, and she just wants us to know that.
Upon landing in Chicago I saw the most fascinating thing on my way to the loo. An Amish couple sitting next to an Elvis impersonator. On my way back from the loo? An Amish couple sitting with two Elvis impersonators. If only I could have hung around.
Poppy met me (I was sososo happy to see her) and we went to her house to drop my bags and meet Susie and Jen for lunch and, people, my face has not stopped hurting.
Sure, it could be the result of the single digit temperatures here in Chicago but it is more likely spending hours on end with, I guess, my people. My uproarious, flawed, hysterical, brilliant, beautiful friends.
We each have lives with problems and deadlines and anxieties but we let them go for just a little while and get lost (going to Wendy's) and laugh till we need a bathroom and, I don't know, hear each other.
I was going to say that the husbands are good, the five of them, for smiling and nodding when we do one of these weekends. The husbands arrange for meals for kids or make other plans or unfold the sofa bed and cozy it up with quilts. But the husbands aren't "good" they are smart.
I'm rejuvenating out here in the cold.
I'm sitting here on the folded out sofa bed (Thanks, A!) and I'm smiling so hard.
I'm off to Jen's gorgeous new house for an oatmeal buffet and a day of shopping.

You have no idea...


RW said…
Well it sounds fabulous! I really wish you had snapped a blackbird special photo of the Amish couple and the elvis impersonator.

did I tell you a met an elvis impersonator who won the lotto...
Anonymous said…
An oatmeal buffet? There are no words.
NorahS said…
*sigh* Sounds heavenly. Except for the rude seatbelt person. Honestly!
Suse said…
Nothing quite like being with your tribe.

Anonymous said…
Smiling for you over here!

Paola said…
An oatmeal buffet ... ?!?
I learn something each time here.
In my head you are like the new SATC with an added new character (you are 5 indeed), so it's all new and hip and fun and sexy but not just "Manhattan" so it's even better, that's my take on this.
robiewankenobie said…
oh, yea! my vacarious bb vacation is shaping up nicely!
Carol said…
Poppy B. said…
I feel like I should be your announcer. "Laughing!
Lunch! Manicures! But wait--is there trouble ahead for our plucky group of bloggers? Will they get lost on the way to Wendy's house??? Tune in tomorrow for an update of Say La Vee!"
amy a. said…
I haven't had a girlfriend weekend in ages. Sounds heavenly!