extra long weekend

I'm home today.
I took Youngest, this morning, to have his wisdom teeth scooped out. All four! In much the same way that all tweens have braces nowadays, kids typically have their wisdom teeth extracted during the summer between junior and senior year in high school. Dentists check with x-rays and take the teeth before they form roots and become impacted and we've known about it since Youngest first got his braces.
Middle had his out (it wasn't fashionable when Oldest was their age and his are still paining him as they break through - though Oldest had four molars extracted as part of his orthadonture) during his last high school summer but Youngest has had a remarkable growth spurt in the last six months and felt his teeth shifting. Long story short, today was the day.
He's snuggled in with ice packs and Vicodin and I'm catching up on the newspaper with a cup of tea from Harrods.

The tea starts off as a spidery little ball, smaller than a ping pong ball, bigger than a marble and unfolds as it steeps.


Tiny jasmine flowers were threaded in a little loop that floated up after a few minutes.

And the newspaper?
Almost as interesting.

Eileen Fisher has successfully changed their image.
There is no Eileen Fisher store near me. Maybe that's a good thing.

I'm too short for Ralph, but that's a lovely bag, don't you think?

Did you know that Bill Cunningham has been shooting street style since 1978? He has. He's a fascinating individual and I cannot wait to see the documentary about him.

I love reading the Vows column and the follow up columns too but seven years doesn't seem especially "long running" to me.

Okay. I'm off to get ice packs!


Crazy Mom! said…
I have to read Vows every Sunday or Monday. Must. And you're right, seven years is nothing.

Love the bag, too rich for this po' girl.

I hope Youngest recovers nicely. He deserves a spell with no medical issues, doesn't he?
I would drink tea with a REAL spider floating in it, if it would lower my cholesterol.

Seven years? Those of us with long marriages have probably spent that much time in the shower.

I hope Youngest has a fairly painless recovery.
Crayon said…
Seriously, if I never see another set of ice packs in a pair of cut-off pantyhose again it will be too soon. Neither child would let me take their picture for posterity...
blackbird said…
Wait! What am I missing? Do I need to know about a panyhose/ice bag technique?
Scot said…
That tea thing looks like an alien life form. Creepy.
Crayon said…
You take a pair of pantyhose, cut off most of the legs, knot the waistband closed (that will go under the chin), put an ice pack in each leg then fit it under their chin and tie the legs on top of their head. It looks absolutely ridiculous but it holds the ice packs on their jaw and it's soft. Worked really well for my kids-and the drugs kept them from feeling totally humiliated.
kt said…
I can't decide which is creepier, the giganto-legs of the RL model or the scary tea-blob which looks like something my dishwasher would leave in a cup that flipped during the cycle.

Damn rental house.

Hope the dental isshews rapidly resolve.
Paola said…
I can't help but wonder when all the medical hoopla will end for Youngest.
That collants mask sound sfastastic for the job though.
In total unrelated news: I watched Glee a few days ago o my (Italian version of the) Tivo and they mentioned the Sartorialist.
Next thing you know, some of you will be mentioned!

Yes, I watch Glee. It's my inner youngster who always wanted to go to school in the US. And live there. And BE American.

Shut up.
KPB said…
so we'd call that stockings wrapped around your head but Paola calls it a collants mask. Again - it's Vanity Fair meets That's Life!. Sigh.

And I'm sorry but that tea just skeeves me out.

I had four wisdom teeth out at once and had NO ONE to care for me. I remember spitting out huge clots of blood - hideous.
Anonymous said…
I was 22 when mine were pulled. My male friend drove me to and from the dentist's and we swung by a grocery store for Carnation Instant Breakfast packets to sustain me while I healed. He said to the cashier, "I shouldn't hit her like that when I get mad." She nearly choked of shock, me of laughter.
Anonymous said…
The comments are hilarious today.

You are brave to drink that tea.

Please take a cropped picture of Youngest wearing black tights with ice around his noggin.

Anonymous said…
we used the pantyhose but found 2 packs of frozen peas better than the icepacks. The bags of peas moulded into shape better than the icepacks and held the cold W.A.Y. longer than the icepacks.

mind you it was a sight to behold and scared the dog shitless.

hugs to youngest.

blackbird said…
Don't get me started on the peas!
Middle had bags of peas with no problem, so K bought two huge bags of peas...Youngest said he would be embarrassed to sit with peas on his face so I bought icepacks.
When we were given post-op instructions the nurse pointed out that PEAS are the best icepacks for faces as they stay cold longer and refreeze faster!
Youngest sits with peas!
The Coffee Lady said…
Who are those blurry smug-looking people?