Dateline: Tuvalu

It's not quite time for Survivor, it premieres on the 18th. Perhaps my mom will be able to travel by then. We've had so much snow and ice that I haven't felt comfortable asking her over in the evening.
K, Oldest and Middle have finally cleared a path on the side of our property:


We're going to the Khyber Pass tomorrow.
I am a little tired.


The filthy snow on the left side of the picture is about seven feet high and was plowed there. We are responsible for keeping the path passable during the winter and this year has been tough. The driveway (which is gravel and cannot be shoveled) is six inches of ice-covered snow. Very difficult to walk on.
I did see photos of Jen's house, though, and obviously, I have nothing to complain about.

I attended an office event the other night and spied this beautiful woman:

Wearing a simple and understated outfit, gorgeous boots, and lovely silver jewelry, she had the tiniest diamond in the side of her nose - something I don't usually find attractive, but, in this case, it was just perfect. Who is she? Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter. Tiny and graceful, I had a lovely time seeing her and am kicking myself for not saying hello. It was a small group and I would have enjoyed meeting her.

What else? From the sublime to the ridiculous! I bought a Swiffer and I am in LOVE with it. I have swiffered all of our floors. (Do you realize that I never wash floors? I don't!) And, just now, I am realizing that I have been known to sit my ass down on the floor in Poppy's condo and have a cigarette under the HVAC duct (shut up) and discuss swiffering her entire apartment.
Pining, I am, for Poppy.

There's snow in the forecast, people.


how weird is it that i went to the store at * tonight so cleaning woman would have swiffers??
Your weather reports are making our evening news bulletins. It looks horrific but at the same time I yearn to live somewhere where such events are possible.

You know this habit of yours to be in the same realm as famous and such stylish beings in rather intimidating.

I have only ever smoked while at uni and even then it was after dark and when I was rather inebriated. I somehow envision though me sitting on the floor with you next to that outlet, happily passively smoking talking about things as important as, well, swiffers.
I LOVE my Swiffer. My kitchen floor is the size of a postage stamp and filling a bucket would take longer than passing the Swiffer.

There's nothing sadder than that pile of snow mixed with dirt.
Paola said…
Even here your weather makes the news.
I ADORE my Swiffer duster but couldn't think about the mopping type thing, I can't do without mopping my floors.
Lucky you!
As per smoking?
I don't approve, you know it ...
Anonymous said…
Holy dang that's a ton of snow. K's comment is TOO funny!
I wish for you a flawless exit to Chicago.
Poppy B. said…
I agree about everything, especially the Swiffer. I bought a different model, a variation on the same idea. I loved it, and then they discontinued it. Time to pop for the real deal. Kim, you're welcome to come hang--especially if you cook for us!