I shouldn't step out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothing. I'm no good at it. But I was tempted with a valuable coupon and 40% off at the Gap is nothing to sneeze at.
Moments after my arrival there I spied a willowy tall blond (three things I am not) trying on a shrunken blazer. She looked gorgeous and I was smitten. At 40% off it was reasonable. A good addition to my wardrobe, I told myself. I'm forever in some form of cardigan and figured a jacket would dress me up a bit.
I bought a double breasted wool knit blazer, narrow and shrunken.
I wasn't crazy about the buttons. Very shiny and clinky, they made a noise when they brushed against anything - even my coat. I told myself I could change them out though there were an awful lot of them when I began to count. I let go of that idea and threw the jacket on over my turtleneck this morning.
I looked pretty formal. Not a bad thing but not especially me.
I tried not to hear the buttons.
I tried the jacket buttoned and unbuttoned and was displeased with my silhouette both ways.
Someone came by my office late in the afternoon, wearing a tiny black two button blazer. Hers fit her better. Hers flattered her.
I went to the loo and looked in the mirror. Not good.
I went back to my desk and saw a thread on my chair. The entire hem of the jacket, my new jacket, had come undone.
I was delighted. A sign. A betrayal.
The jacket didn't like me any more than I liked it.
Back it goes, tomorrow.
I'm done with the idea. It doesn't suit me.

Perhaps I'll have a manicure in Chicago.


Anonymous said…

Scot said…
You're so funny. Only you would be delighted with something that falls apart so quickly. I'd have been furious.
So tell us, how did you dress in high school?
clinking buttons are as bad as shuszhing pants and squeaky shoes.
Caterina said…
I'm joining you in Chicago :)
The Coffee Lady said…
Ha! It escaped.
blackbird said…
In high school I mostly wore jeans and black shirts/turtlenecks, denim skirts and black tights, and Frye boots. Always Frye boots.
Anonymous said…
The jacket didn't "suit" you? I was laughing at that...
Oh, if I had a dime for each lovely thing I saw on someone else that looked so so so wrong on me.
Anonymous said…
At least you know it now. I'm sure the hem will stay intact for the person it looks good on. Hems are magical that way, no?

Scot said…
My turn or back at you (re-Friday)
I don't know if you like Miles Davis or not but I thought I'd share my new favorie with you. Check out this video starring Jeanne Moreau with the moody music of Miles and Paris in the background. 1958 gorgeousness!
Paola said…
Mutual dislike.
Can't feel bad then.