and so it goes

Shortly after my last post, kmkat sent me this link which made me smile.
But, shortly after that, I got this notice from the railroad concerning service tomorrow...

Crews will be working overnight to keep our rails free of ice. But with the storm moving into an ice and sleet phase, significant ice build-up may impact our ability to operate safely.  For the safety of our customers and employees we may have to reduce or temporarily suspend service. Please check for  service updates.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering how my Chicago pals are doing.
Do dig out - I'm coming next weekend!


You're facing a massive snowstorm, our Northern Queenslanders are staring down the barrel at a tropical cyclone almost the size of Katrina while other areas (ie us) swelter in a heatwave.

Jan said…
Just came in from shoveling and we have a good 12" so far in our little town...60mph winds and occasional thunder & lightning. And it's only 11:30pm! Forecast to continue until 3:00pm tomorrow.
To bed now, with a book. Zzzzzzz
Anonymous said…
Hee hee! I just email Michael Perry, author of that blog, about your post.
Paola said…
Oh mine, what weather!
driftwood said…
bbbbrrrrrr. stay warm and safe.
Anonymous said…
Maybe you ladies should all gather somewhere warm instead. I know...SEATTLE!!

Liz said…
My cousin from Chicago emailed me saying the snow was coming up half way to her front door, blocking it and the garage.
robiewankenobie said…
kentucky is clear of ice and snow. we also have plenty of booze. just sayin'

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