10 good things

1. Lobster macaroni and cheese.

2. Sheet shopping with my sweetheart.

3. Window shopping on the internet.

4. Great chart.

5. Fabulous video.

6. My new headphones.

7. Playing Words With Friends with a friend at work.

8. Hearing a favorite episode of A Prairie Home Companion.

9. Great walking music. (You're welcome, Australia.)

10. Getting the College Board Question Of The Day right.


That bra looks seriously itchy.
1. That is just an outrageous use of the rat of the sea.

2. OH man, have you seen their reproductions of vintage (ie my age) Fisher Price toys! I WANT, no NEED, that record player.

3. Yeah, that's just what my underwear needs, a fuck-off big bow.

3.a) and allconsuming and gamine, two words you will not ever see together unless linked by a negative

4. Yep

5. That Harry Nilsson, he had the moves.

6. You have located the perfect earphones for me to use while running. Awesome.

7. I play Words With Friends. Until Grover forfeits all my matches for me. I am hopeless at it. Except for when I scored 'amphibian' against Chef a few months back. A high I fear I shall never ever repeat.

8. I know not of what you talk of. Some radio program I am presuming.

9. Yeah, I just don't get the NIN.

10. I would hope so!

Paola said…
I so enjoy these links, it's like opening little boxes which contain nice stuff.
Unknown said…
Here is #11 for you.

Jen on the Edge said…
I told Pete about the lobster mac 'n' cheese and he's wondering if you'd be willing to share your recipe. Please, pretty please?