K and I go to the hardware store almost every Saturday. Almost.
This week we scored a new snow shovel (I think the old one was over 30 years old, a hand-me-down and still good but not easy to use) and an auger (which K says I am not allowed to show you but, believe me, is very exciting).

Our next stop is usually the pharmacy because someone needs some kind of medication.

Why? Why fake sand castles pharmacy people?

Then the library.

K has a special relationship with the librarians and they hold dvds and cds for him. Yesterday he was being very sweet and grabbed Eat Pray Love thinking I'd like to see it. No desire (Did you want to change my mind?)

It's very snowy here. We are bundled up! 14 degrees!

(Winter pirate hat that E made me.)

Our final stop was the supermarket which was decorated for The Big Game.
We bought our usual staples and some Big Game Snacks though, I'd venture to say, we'll probably miss the game.
I think the boys are going to watch some Family Guy Star Wars thing.
And I?
Eat Pray Love?
We'll see.


Lucille said…
Don't change your mind about Eat Pray Love. I read it so that you didn't have to.
Unknown said…
Yeah, the movie isn't anything to write home about other than nice cinematography of Italy, India and Bali. And Javier Bardem, of course. But other than that... meh.

A good friend of mine just retired and moved to Bali. I'm looking forward to visiting him at some point.
Jane said…
My 2¢ worth: I read the book but found myself exercising more judgment than I like to admit. But because I like Julia Roberts a lot, I saw the movie and loved it, if for no other reason than the scenery and the clothes which paralleled my own taste. Let us know your take on it, if you succumb to watching it.
EPL: Never finished the book once she left Italy. Watched it over break with the kids, expected to hate it but even Mr. Pom said the scenery and food was pretty good. Not a bad way to pass a cold evening.
Saturday is my hibernation day. Today was Giant Expo Of Guitars, Switch cars back with Sorority Girl, Grocery shopping.

I haven't seen Eat,Pray,Love. I read the book and the movie will wait until it shows up on regular TV.

I like your hat.
Anonymous said…
I prayed and ate during the game and now I'm feeling all kinds of love. You're good to skip it!
J'adore your chapeau (gee, I hope I spelled hat correctly there).
jenny said…
Never read or saw Eat,Pray,Love and have no real intention of ever doing so.

Why are we not allowed to see the auger?
eurolush said…
Fake sand castles? Oh, wow! Don't even get me started on my drug store angel collection. It's huge! LOL!!!!!!!
Paola said…
I read Eat Pray Love because someone left it behind and then I wathed the movie because I love to see how Italy is portrayed in US movies.
Well, lovely sceneries. That's it.
Lots of clich├ęs, LOTS OF, though.
But the Italian guy which helps her with her Italian is CUTE.
So go and watch it on a snowy/rainy/cold evening. By yourself as K would fall asleep anyway ...
Scot said…
Why does K need an auger? Does he go ice-fishing or is he planning on digging holes in your frozen backyard?
Did you notice the fake sand castles are with the Valentines Day crap? Is thia an akward V-day gift I don't know about?