weekend update

I was going to say we are all well, but, turns out that I've been sick.
Fear not! I'm on the mend, finally, this evening.
And what's been going on....

It seems this is one of those winters with lots of snow. We've had one big storm, a couple of small snows and are awaiting another storm. I like snow, so I'm pretty excited.
We've been enjoying our fireplace an awful lot and congregate in front of it on Sunday afternoons to watch infomercials.  K will wander away and return with cheese and bread or cook us something delicious (Cuban Stew tonight) and we have cozy dinners. It's been really nice. Presently, I'm awaiting the arrival of W - back and finished with his life in Paris. He's had a rough time and I'm very happy to have him home.

Loretta sent me this today:
from Loretta

if this isn't you, then I'm a monkey's uncle.

She's got me pegged, doesn't she?

I'm having a bag crisis! A crise de handbag!
My wonderful Fossil messenger bag is falling apart (torn pockets, fraying handle) and I've spent a long time browsing to no avail.
I did, however, see this -
beautiful bag

nice, eh? Don't get any ideas.

What about this?!

great dress


Point is? I need to stay away from Pinterest for a little while.

And this?

north sea

This is the North Sea.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about the North Sea.


Me want bag.

And I totally blame you for pinning a new obsession on me.
Paola said…
Yes, I believe there is something you want to tell us.
Sitting by the fire with such lovely food and family?
I am really happy W is coming back. See? As much as I had a good feeling about Chef over there down under, I never had the same for him, but in neither case did I mention it. You know, didn't want to jinx them ...
Sherman Unkefer said…
Nice bag... Really suits your fashion sense.
Anonymous said…
So you're not out "fetching pins?" It kills me when I read that when I've scrolled down too far on the site...
Joan said…
So are you going to Knokke le Zoute? Brrr!
your blog is good. visit my blog too
eurolush said…