updates on several fronts

1. Returned, first thing this morning, Rommel's humidifier.

2. Have you ever been on Cipro? While it may have protected me from Anthrax (which I did not have) Cipro is a bitch. My mouth was horribly inflamed, everything tasted funny, my vision was weird and it didn't work. I'm on round two with a different medicine and, after two weeks of this, am really looking forward to a glass of wine. Perhaps several.

3. We renewed passports for two of the boys. It cost as much as a ticket to Holland.

4. The city is strangely quiet. Snow is expected this evening.

5. Best overheard conversation: three women, older than I, discussing their levels on Angry Birds.

6. My god. It's Thursday.

7. A co-worker is being passive aggressive with me. I'm sure she thinks I'm doing the same. One of you should write to her and tell her I'm never passive.

8. How many days till Chicago?

9. My daily wardrobe has degraded to: undershirt, leggings, turtleneck, some form of over-thing, some form of decorative accessory, boots, two pairs of socks. Black and grey. No time/temperature/inclination for artful combinations.

10. Yes, I have a new template.


RW said…
Yeah for Thursday. As opposed to last week - this one is taking a long time.

Some of us are changing our meds this week. We may need a injection of a multivitamin to the mix.

yep. black and grey. that is all I have got these days.
Crazy Mom! said…
You need color! jewel tones might look good I'll bet

I avoid Cipro - allergic to that drug class. It gives me joint problems!
Anonymous said…
I am fearing for the co-worker.
Vintage Reading said…
I like the cheerful bag. Why sneer at other people?
blackbird said…
Good point, Vintage Reading. And not like me. Must have been cranky! Thanks for snapping me to!


I'm changing a few meds this week.Apparently I've been sleeping a lot, because I was SHOCKED when I found out today was Thursday.
Scot said…
I LOVE cipro! Last time I had pnemonia it cut my healing time in half. Even though I have a good prescription plan I shopped around and was amazed at the $12.00(average) per pill cost! I paid $4.50 for the entire 10 pill perscription. Yes it might have made me achy but I was achy anyway so I couldn't tell.
WHY are you taking antibotics? You doing OK?
How much IS a passport these days?

By the way, I got my haircut today. The haircut guy informed that I hadn't gotten it cut since April. How the hell does he know?
Scot said…
Rommel's humidifier...LOVE THAT!
Paola said…
It's clear you've gone too long without wine.

Anonymous said…
If I had to leave the house, I would wear that very thing.
Passports are ungodly expensive. I wonder why.
Anonymous said…
I thought you seemed cranky too. Hope it's passed. And hey, I love the new look, template, whatever. Very fresh and clean.

Vintage Reading said…
I think maybe I was cranky too, BB. Love your blog (found you through The Sight of Morning)
blackbird said…
Aw. See? Me and Nicola are friends.
Crayon said…
You have apparently been getting dressed from MY closet, but I haven't noticed anything missing...
And really lovely to see your friendship with Nicola bloom before our very eyes.
alice c said…
I bring you Nicola to enhance your readership - that's the kind of friend I am.

The new template unnerves me - I am a creature of habit and hate change. Give me a year or two and I will get used to it.