this is the last day of our vacation

So, this Date Nut Bread with cream cheese I'm eating?
Is pretty much the same thing I finished last night with, isn't it.


Paola said…
Same here my dear. We're back and all ready to go back to our daily jobs.
It was a delightful and fun filled vacation but I'm telling you, I've already washed 2 loads and only been back home 3 hours ...
Amy A. said…
I'm not ready to go back to work! It was a lovely week off. Happy new year to you and yours.
Scot said…
mmmmmm... Date Nut Bread!
Did you make it? or did someone bake it for you?

I'm not ready to go back to work yet either. Esp. since I KNOW Whats comming to my desk tomorrow. A 60 to 75 page order from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Every year, same awards with words I can't pronounce. Cool stuff but lots of hard work. With any luck I'll have a month to a month and a half to get it done.
Yay Monday!Suddenly I'm feeling very tiny...

but still, date nut bread sounds really good. (like I don't have enough crap in my kitchen after the holidays!)
My mother used to make date nut bread. I guess I haven't had any in 30 years!

Look at January this way...Summer's coming!