I'm back at work after what was an extensive time off.
Lots of people traveled over the holiday - the fellow who sits around the corner from me is just back from Australia and Thailand and my pal AG is STILL in Rome, damn him.
Looking back, I've decided we hunkered down in front of the fire during our holiday. And while this is an accurate description of what we did it is neither truly descriptive nor informative.

I was looking forward to returning to work, and it is an easy week at my office, but it is kicking my ass!
I had gotten quite used to K bringing me coffee whilst I trawled the internet in the early morning hours and now I am napping on the train.
I haven't touched the newspaper puzzle as I am completely devoted to my iPhone. Just yesterday I learned a new technique for dealing with my music whilst playing cards and we have successfully used the GPS app in the new car (no nav system) while streaming Pandora AND accepting a phone call.
You should be very proud of me.

I've been Pinning more than blogging. A shame, I know, but I'm a sucker for all things visual. You remember that that is my superpower, right? I see everything all the time.
Every. Thing. All. The. Time.
A blessing and a curse. Anyhow, the Pinning is wonderfully fun and you should go have a look.

I'll be here.
at the office


Paola said…
You go tthe new car? Did I miss anything? I recall you mentioning the soon due to expire lease but then ...
So. Did you get the red new JEEP?
I love cars, so I totally forgot anything you said before or after that.
BUT I would love to learn how to use my iPhone as I just use it as a phone.
I KNOW ...
Jen said…
That's fascinating. I notice next to nothing, or at least, as close to nothing as one can get without getting hit by oncoming traffic. But I HEAR everything. Pure burden.
Unknown said…
I will now obsess about that gnocchi mac n cheese until I am finally able to try it--ten weeks from now! (I am on a specially restricted diet until then, but it's nice to have a special treat to look forward to!)
My computer will NOT let me drag the Pin bookmarklet to my favorites bar.
Anonymous said…
I have bookmarked Pinterest--it is full of lovely things and I think I shall become a lady of leisure so I can pursue them!