notes from the commute

The only thing worse than this:

(McDonald's, underground, in the train station)

is this:

(raw bar, underground, in the train station)

Both, uh, conveniently located near tracks 18 and 19.

K was wearing his Red Wings (swoon).

Lots of other people were sporting their LLBeans (super sold-out).

And me?
Commuting on Day Two in Snowbound City?
Wellies, my friends.
The slush in the crosswalks is six inches deep.


Anonymous said…
Winter is when good sense trumps good fashion. If there is such a thing. Good fashion, that is; we all know you have good sense :)
Hilary said…
Ok… Let me get this straight… Dunkin Donuts is no longer at the station but a raw bar is? That is bizarre…. And wrong….
Anonymous said…
6 inches of slush! Sheesh!

I love the couple in the last photo. I think they are snickering about the raw bar.

Paola said…
Only in the US.
Don't I always say that?
Scot said…
Just what exactly is a RAW BAR in Tuvalu?
Here in Colorado its an oyster bar with crudités. Cos when one thinks Colorado one ALWAYS thinks fresh oysters.
Caterina said…
Hahaha...Paola's comment made me laugh :D
Caterina said…
Oh, and, I try to find any excuse to wear my wellies. Sadly, I have no slush, but sometimes a lot of rain.
Anonymous said…
Slush grosses me out.
I wear my Sorrels every day. They're 20 years old, but suddenly stylish again (thanks, LL Bean!).