notes from the commute

We had a dump of snow this week. It came overnight and shut down the schools and slowed the trains. But snow never deters me (us) and we hopped in the car (after some brushing and digging) and went over to the station with the intent of getting on the next train leaving.
We got a space right at the train (unheard of) and took our usual 7:38, which was empty, and moved slowly and deliberately toward town. It was lovely. And snowy.
Once in town, I decided to walk to my office (I do love that walk) and was thrilled to see everyone in a snow-happy mood. The city still looked white and pretty and I was thrilled, when crossing the avenue, to see the plows hard at work...

six plows

and, yes, I was a little scared standing in the middle of the street as six giant plows moved toward me.

Amazing to watch.

See? White snow in town. Unusual.

A note for those encountering famous people on the subway:

if you already have your iphone in hand and are changing songs when you sit down across from, say, Diane Weist, it's okay to snap a picture. Try to never actually look at your subject so as not to disturb. I merely wanted a photo to see if I was correct - to see if it really was who I thought it was. It was. I know because Ms. Weist got up and proceeded to sit next to me, pulling her scarf up over her face, thereby alerting me to my disturbance and rendering my camera useless. I am ashamed of myself and admire her subtle tactic.

This woman, however, did not mind the attention. File her under the That's Some Bad Hat Harry category.

And now: an important development in the Cole Haan case! Sadly, Cole sat in front of us the other day when I was not my usual stealthy spy-like self. I've been sick for a couple of weeks and was crabby with K. Also, I wasn't looking my best when Mr. Haan stood and gathered his things to leave the train that morning. So, I lost a couple of points.
BUT, on Friday, one of my coworkers introduced me to his boyfriend who had just come from...the Cole Haan design studio which was JUST DOWN THE BLOCK FROM MY OFFICE.
And so, you see, Cole Haan doesn't JUST HAVE GORGEOUS ACCESSORIES! He must WORK there!
I tell you, I tried my best to be polite to this boyfriend (who was, it must be said, attractive and had an adorable accent) but I was so excited to have this geographic news that my head was spinning. What to do now? What next? The boyfriend mentioned that he now has a 30% discount on CH goods as he is embarking on a project with them. He said they actually design and work with leather just down the block! Perhaps my subject SHOE DESIGNER?!

The mind reels.


Anonymous said…
Diane Weist, who knew? And Cole Haan WORKS at Cole Haan?! Wowzers.
Terese said…
Famous actors don't catch trains in Australia, but they do attend arts festivals. We're mostly underwater at the moment so some of them turn up at volunteer stations too.
Crazy Mom! said…
That IS some bad hat, Harry. Reminds me of a horror that my aunt sent my mother one birthday, decades ago. It was parts of beer cans crochet together into a hat.

Bravo on the subtle celebrity camera work. Are you planning on becoming a paparazzi?
Unknown said…
I love Diane Weist. I want to know what was in that Pearl bag.
Paola said…
Oh Dianne Wiest! She is an amazing actress, if you ask me. Taking the train?!?! wow ...
You were brave to snap a shot so close ... I would have chickened out and stared probably smiling broadly.
I absolutley ADORE the city in the snow.
And Mrs. Cole Haan wrking at Cole Haan is like a cherry on the cake, isn't it.
Anonymous said…
Your photography skills are amazing.
A designer! What luck!
What reels my mind is imagining what they have to do with all that snowfall in a CITY. My goodness.
Anonymous said…
Hannah and her Edward Parenthoods. I love Dianne Weist so much!! Next time you see her, tell her jbhat loves her work.

anginak said…
Holy shit! I'm late to this post OBVIOUSLY, but Dianne Wiest rides the subway???? I'm such a hick from the sticks. But Holy Shit, Dianne Wiest. Cool. Seriously, I need to get out more.