The North Sea

Where to begin!
We are headed, in April, to Zeeland.
K's heritage is Dutch, you see, and his mother is celebrating a milestone birthday and we thought it might be a nice opportunity to use the four million air-miles we have amassed.
We've rented this adorable Playmobil house
Screen shot 2011-01-11 at 9.47.02 AM

in Haamstede and are diligently practicing our pronunciations, have gathered guidebooks and will visit the land of K's ancestry as well as, uh, I don't know...Hema?
We have, somehow, convinced (demanded?) all three boys to join us (guilt? promises of cheese?) and hope to spend quality time together

at the bakery.
Yes, my pretties, soon I will be indulging in many Dutch treats...


like pancakes from the famous pancake windmill! And, of course, the aforementioned cheese!


And I, for one, would like to explore why horses in Holland recline.

dutch livestock

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
How lovely! You must be beaming with excitement and planning this trip.
Badger said…
Oh! Excitement! I cannot WAIT for your travelogue. CANNOT. WAIT.
Amy A. said…
Ack! All the sudden I cannot see any of your pictures! This distresses me. Probably my stupid work blocking me from any ounce of enjoyment I get here.

Of course, the enjoyment I get from reading is more than an ounce, bb. :)
Paola said…
A family trip sounds fabulous. And if cheese is involved, it's always much better, no?
Joining Badger in line to wait.
Oh and that Hema ... where do you find such things!
Anonymous said…
How exciting! I hope you come back with some great clogs.

Anonymous said…
OMG! Thank goodness I clicked back to the HEMA link. LOVED it.

The Coffee Lady said…
I am so excited for you! I LOVE Playmobil.
Anonymous said…
I am pretty sure those horses are dead... Just sayin.

alice c said…
I am so excited for you that I am squeaking as I type. However, I am slightly suspicious that you organised the holiday just so that you could use that HEMA link.
Jen on the Edge said…
Such exciting news! I'm looking forward to posts about packing and planning and then posts about the trip afterward.
Anonymous said…
Will you meet up with Eurolush? You MUST! Looks like a fabulous trip. That IS a Playmobile house.
Anonymous said…
How very exciting!
BREATHLESS with anticipation!

Promises of cheese!
Horses that recline!

What a crazy country!

Your travel journal will be AMAZING!

I am GIDDY with delight and the promise of what is to come.

Although some of that giddiness may be because I forgot to take my pills last night.
Wunderbar! Can't wait to see the reports and of course, the wardrobe selections.
Can I meet you? Can I? :)