new internet loves

Pinterest calls to me, I tells ya. It's such an easy way to relax and see only lovely things. I will admit to some competitive pinning spirit, however, as I find myself wondering why my pins aren't at the very top of the Most Discussed page. I wonder, too, how people have the time to find all these pins - though I know I could have spent many hours doing it before I got my out-of-the-house job.
And through Pinterest I've found new sites...sites you should see too!

Things Organized Neatly appeals to my collector/ocd side. As it is a tumblr there are few words. No one does words anymore! That's for old people. No comments either! You may leave a note.

Better After is a blog of redos. True, lots of it is dressers painted yellow (avert your eyes) but lots of it interests me. No money and a yellow formica  kitchen transforms magically into faux granite and white. I find it somewhat fascinating, like those reno television shows minus 30 minutes of my time.

I didn't find The Man Repeller on Pinterest, I found her in the newspaper. She's cracking me up.

Have I already mentioned How To Run Your Life? If I had my shit together I could write How To Run Your Life. Except I've never been a Foreign War Correspondent. Though I can do laundry pretty well. Get thee there and read. She's smart without being all Fly Ladyesque (shudder).

That Kind Of Woman is undoubtedly half my age but I luff her. Like a daughter. Except: thank god I don't have one. Again, a Tumblr, so you can dip your toe in without feeling any obligation to develop a meaningful relationship.

Go forth and read.
Perhaps, later, I will tell you the sad tale of our efforts at humidifying our bedroom, a woeful tale indeed.


dan said…
Thank you for introducing me to the world of Better After. I think all bathrooms should have chandeliers.

Although I prefer Lundborg's Perfumes the way it was, instead of the sloppy stripes.
Paola said…
Always full on interesting sites to visit you are.
Anonymous said…
I need more hours in the day for all of this, I tell you.

Thanks for the recs. I'll have to take it slow, but I'm intrigued!

alice c said…
Pinterest. I blame myself.
Pinterest is still giving me anxiety because I can't seem to make the bookmarklet drag up to my favorites bar.

Even though my daughter is the complete and total opposite of me I am still glad I have her. It's the manchild who is so much like me that gives me the most sleepless nights.
jo said…
I could tell you the sad tale of the multiple humidifiers we have purchased to appease my asthma in the winter.
The one that dies after a year no matter how much we spent.
The ones with lights that you couldn't shut off with out masking tape.
The one that sounded like a jet liner.
The one that started out quiet and then after a few days crept into jet airliner territory.
Then there are the filters to order with spares for later in case they stop making the model and hence the filters for the model.
The spares that I have for all the dead machines. I could tell you of the reviews read, the advice taken and yet room is dry and humidity free again for another winter.
I so hope you have a better tale.
RW said…
the layout has changed
I think I like it.