goings on

It's snowing.
Youngest is doing poorly but we are optimistic. One must be.
I've moved the paper garlands to the fireplace...hazard-y, eh?


I purchased pajamas, at the Gap, with a coupon. The top and bottom were under $30, so I'm pretty stoked. Can I say "stoked?" Am I too old? (Aside: I just tried on someones NorthFace coat, which I deemed too young for me and it was delicious. Stupid me.)

So, the trick with the pajamas is to wear them with: a turtleneck, an old dress and a cardigan, thusly:

and pajamas

I think my lady-friends will appreciate the outfit. (Lady-friends sounds suggestive, doesn't it?)

(I'm racing! On hot chocolate!)



now the advertising world will want him too.

Snow, I tell you.
More snow.


Badger said…
Middle is starting to remind me more and more of my own boy child. Or maybe it's the other way around.
robiewankenobie said…
actually, i was under the impression that only the too old used the word "stoked". i've got to get out more.

i'm a fan of the hazard-y fireplace. more than hanging. definitely more. they're delightful.

i'm notsomuchofafanofthis youngest healthcare dealio. bah, i say.

more snow here, as well.
Anonymous said…
Eek, I am sooo worried about those garlands being by your snapping, crackling hot-chocolate snow day fire. But they do look very good there, so if you promise not to light up, then I am good to go.

I LIKE how you wear your jammies. Very bb-ishly.

Middle. What can't he do?

Duyvken said…
I hope Youngest is doing better soon.
alice c said…
Stoked! Get you! Only MasterM says stuff like that here at the Chez.

He is in the middle of Freshers week and tells us it is not for ants. We are pondering the significance of this. I suspect paper garlands near crackly fireplace is not for ants.
MsCellania said…
I will rattle the prayer beads for Youngest this evening. While I'm layered up in my Gap pjs, sitting by my fire, drinking my hot chocolate.
Anonymous said…
I love Middle. You can tell him for me that the words in the black box are very much of the Minneapolis school of advertising that happened (I think) in the 1980s.
Paola said…
I say you'd pair up gorgeously with Alice's china ... don't you think.
More snow ... bah.
I dig those ads.
Bear hugs for Youngest.
Now excuse me but I have to go ...
Anonymous said…
Both of Middle's philosphical musings made Pippy chuckle. It was the sound of approval...
Hilary said…
I hope youngest feels better…. Garland by the fireplace is a little scary…. But then again, I freak out a little when my cat sits besides the blaze…. As for the snow, will it ever stop? I have had enough of the weekly storms, and I was fortunate enough to miss last week’s…
Anonymous said…
You, lady friend, are living ON THE EDGE.
I am infatuated with Middle's sharp sense of humor--always enjoy it.
Poor Youngest. Winter can be SO harsh.
You are rocking the PJs.
I must know how one can outgrow North Face.
The Coffee Lady said…
I remember getting spam from your twitter account telling me about your new gas card, and how 'stoked' you were. I remember thinking a) it couldn't be you, and b) how apposite a word it was in the context of home heating
Caterina said…
Love the PJ's. LOVE 'EM! I want some just like it.
Rae said…
You can definitely say stoked. It's such a great word! What else would suffice?

Praying for Youngest...

Middle is awesome, I especially like the second one.
Lifeofkaylen said…
Hope your wee one is better.

The fireplace looks great!! We laugh in the face of fire dangers.

Ha- your pajama outfit totally made me laugh. And then I realized, this lady is either totally stylish or totally crazy. I'm undecided, but you totally rock the look whatever it is! :)