going on a trip

Jenna (of JCrew fame) is going on a trip! And so am I!
Jenna is headed to Turks and Caicos for some "much needed sunshine." Coincidentally, I am headed to Chicago for some much needed alcohol.
Let's see what Jenna has packed whilst we muse on what I will pack and, likely, drool and deliberate over whether I could possibly purchase any of Jenna's packables because that's what it's all about, isn't it, Jenna?
Packing with J(crew)enna

I am all about the stripes, but maybe not so much in the dead of winter in the Windy City. I do find myself perplexed, though. Would that be a tulle bathing suit? Very Black Swan, Jenna! (Am having difficulty picturing it covered with sand as my suit usually is. Jenna must sun by the pool. Also, am thinking that shade of nude flatters neither tanned flesh nor pasty legs. Oops.)


All right. I get it. A little utility/chambray/sexy shoes and bling. Makes sense.

Packing with J(crew)enna

How much is Jenna venturing outside in T&C? That's a big sweater in 80 degrees and I tried it on a couple of weeks ago. Verdict? That's a lotta knit on my bosom. The puffy bag gives me the willies. The shoes? Not feeling them.
I've forgotten, till now, to mention what I'm packing for my annual winter Chicago jaunt. This visit I'm going to see three new homes: Ms. Lancaster's new digs, Poppy's restored-after-the-fire condo (sadly the leopard carpet is gone) and Wendy's renovated house. What am I bringing?
Boots (both winter and Fashion), a couple of sweaters and some leggings. I don't know!
But let's get back to Jenna, because here's the thing:

Packing with J(crew)enna

I am in LOVE with that skirt! The striped sweater too, but it's transparent on a table which means I'd have to wear something under it. I have had to part with five skirts this year. Too long, too big, too frumpy.  I need some skirts. NEED.

Wouldn't it be fun if I had the time to lay out my Chicago outfits and take pictures?

Yeah. We'll see.


Paola said…
You bet it would.

Three new homes. Lots to see, lots to toast.
Susie Sunshine said…
Blackbird's Weekend Packing List:

Black pants-2
Black leggings
Black sweater
Black tunic
Black sheath
Black boots
Different Black boots
Black funky shoes with height
Black funky flats
Black simple flats
Gray pants-2
Gray leggings
Gray sweater
Gray tunic
Gray sheath
Funky, colorful scarf
Another funky scarf because the first one looked lonely
Antro sweater because it looks good with the funky scarf
Another Anthro sweater
Linen stuff because it's lovely
Wooly things because it's cold
Funky Necklaces (8)
Funky Bracelets (23)
Gray boots
Different Gray boots
Gray funky shoes with height
Gray funky flats
Gray simple flats
4 Coats
3 purses
blackbird said…
I almost forgot the bracelets!
Pamela said…
hahahaha. je t'adore.
Save your shopping for Chicago! head over to Armitage street. There are 2 great consignment stores there and some awesome shoe stores and a place I got a cowgirl skirt that literally got me applause from 2 gay men when I walked into a restaurant. I will try to figure out their names (the stories not the men). And make sure you hit up the new taco place (not Bayliss's thogughh I am sure that is good too) dammit its name is escaping me. Hip wonderful taco place. Dammit. I will ask my friend Heidi.
Anonymous said…
What fun for you! The windy city!
Gladiator-style sandals are growing on me. I'm thinking of getting a pair. Which surely means they're out of fashion by June.
Wendy said…
Oh bird - the leopard carpet is back!! I've seen it and it's just as wonderful as before.

Susie's list for you made me laugh out loud and startle my children.

And I am one step closer to my house being done - the cabinets have arrived today!!!!
Scot said…
I'm terribly dissapointed - I didn't think that was a swimsuit. As soon as I saw it I actually said, out loud "Right on K! Oh well...
Leopard carpet! That really does sound WONDERFUL! Ask Poppy if you can take pictures and post them. I eant bto see it. I don't even know Poppy but I love her style.
Those shoes, #15, only looked good on Loretta Young (yeah, I'm that old!)
kt said…
Lurving the new layout.

Have a great trip!
Anonymous said…
You got a makeover! It's very fetching.

I have NEVER liked that name. It's (forgive me) a hooker name.

Caset said…
The taco place Pamela is thinking of is probably Big Star and I definitely recommend it - whiskey, beer, tacos, and amazing queso fundido. yum. Lots of hipster watching, too. Also, I think you would love Lula, a fabulous, adorable, seasonal restaurant in Logan Square; their brunch is my favorite brunch. I know you didn't ask for recommendations, but always feel I have to tell people about Lula.

And yes, that skirt is fantastic - comfy, practical, and cute! Slit pockets!
Crayon said…
I have obviously been missing all the fun over here at your blog! Hope you and your outfits had fun in Chicago!
robiewankenobie said…
i think ms. sunshine deserves some sort of award. spot on, isn't she? i do so hope that we get a pictorial. (i do my best vicarious living through your chicago jaunts.)