from K's office to mine



Crazy Mom! said…
Oh dear. Looks Ominous.

Is it the End Of The World?
NorahS said…
Oooh! Very cool! Looks like a beautiful day in The City. Is that your office with the X on the window? :o)
Jan said…
Miz S said…
I love the shadow and light contrast. Was he in his office and he took it? Or were you visiting him and you took it?
Anonymous said…
Beautiful. The photo, the sentiment. Beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I'm betting this has been pinned :)

You guys are quite lucky, you know. You know?

Anonymous said…
What a sky! What a view!
Scot said…
This looks alot like the picture Middle took awhile back that you posted. Great shot!
Makes me miss the city and all that it has to offer.
I remember thinking, on that horrible day in September, years ago, that once again, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the city. I've always loved that building. That and the Chrysler Building. And the Flatron Building. And The World Trade Center......You can see where this is going.
Great pic K! Camera or phone?
Paola said…
You might know it but EVERY time I see a shot of The City I cry.
I love it so much it's hard to explain.
So thank you for this gorgeous shot K.

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