The phone rang at 5:00 this morning.
I was in the middle of what has become routine for me: a series of such complicated dreams that I awake from thinking I have a thousand things to do!
School was being delayed for two hours due to snow, and the recording said: This is the Superintendent Of Schools, it is six a.m....a lie!
Two hour delays are ridiculous. A delayed opening requires Youngest  to trudge through mountains of plowed snow, along a busy road, to attend lunch, Health class and band. I gave him permission to blow it off but he had a Health final and went because that's the kind of guy he is.
Happily for us, a two hour delay means parking is available at the train station (a rarity) and I love walking to work in the snow. Today I had the brilliant idea of ordering a hot chocolate at the cafe on my way upstairs. (This may not seem worth mentioning to you, but I never have hot chocolate and it was perfect!)
Twas a good thing I was so fortified as the morning was a tornado of activity. Emergency meetings to arrange! Lunches to be figured out! Bagels to eat! I love all of it, even when things go awry (which is rare).
Just the other day, a favorite co-worker was describing an error she had made. It was one of those situations one is able to sidestep when one has been someplace a while, but she's new-ish and still smacking her forehead when something goes amiss. Once again I realized that I messed up so many things when I was new. How patient my boss was! (I tell him every once in a while. To thank him.) Anyway, to commiserate, I told her about a few of the things I had done - or undone back in the day. It helped.
My head and heart are longing for Chicago. I need to stay up late and shoot the shit with my girlfriends. I need a sleepover. I need to be away from my wonderful boys for a couple of days.
I shopped, as I do each time I'm headed there, for pajamas to take on the trip. My pals, you see, wear pajamas whilst lounging in the condo, watching the snow fly. I do not own pajamas per se. I have a tattered nightshirt, which I've always worn with Uggs and a scarf (at breakfast!). Sometimes I throw a sweater on over it. So, out I went to see pajamas. Good god, why must they have pictures on them?
I was fruitless save for a pair of seven dollar leggings.
Back at the office I received this email from our friends at JCrew -
today's JCrew email

as you can imagine, I have some comments:

1. I have a huge problem with dressing little girls like big girls.
2. Children don't wear shades.
3. Come-hither hair on an eight year-old troubles me.
4. Do children wear watches?
5. Am I an In-The-Know Mom?

Finally, I am obsessed with these boots. Or any saggy-ankled boots.

oh, boots



The kid is cute, the outfit is cute, the glasses need to go and the hair needs to be in a ponytail.

The boots are soooo good.
Anonymous said…
I don't really have a problem with the outfit, but the come-hither hair and the shades must go.

There is nothing quite so reaffirming to one's feeling of competence as hearing someone new's tale of woe. Good for you for sharing your own early goofs to make her feel better.
The Coffee Lady said…
She can wear the watch. But she needs some socks on, and to give the sunglasses back to her mum.

And have a haircut.
Liz said…
My kids wear sunglasses in summer. Sun is brutal here and my daughter can't see anything without sunglasses.
Anonymous said…
My kids wear sunglasses (kiddy size, though) - mainly because my dad has macular degeneration mostly caused by sun exposure (even in England!). My three year old wears a watch because he just loves them, the older girls don't bother. Hair has the unbrushed look, generally. No photoshoots forthcoming here...clothes are too childish.
Jen on the Edge said…
My girls would wear that dress if it were in a different color -- less gray and more purple/lilac. A dress like that also requires leggings or tights for school for modesty purposes on the playground.

One of my girls wears a watch, but not the other. Neither wears sunglasses.

The come hither look is not appropriate.
Paola said…
I have a boy.
And am very happy about that.
All children, and I mean ALL of them, wear sunglasses here, I am sure you must have noticed that.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Target has cute jammies.
I hate it when girls dress like women. It's not just you.
We are sweltering here but I really need those boots.
Anonymous said…
Yes to the boots. The dress -- I think it's either too pink or not pink enough. Hmm. I actually like that the watch is orange and does not match.
Crayon said…
Of course kids don't wear watches because they can just look at their cell phones to check the time. Gads. Those boots are perfect!
Rae said…
I really had to check several times to make sure she was really a child. It was the glasses and the pose, I think. She looks like a woman with an extra big head. Of course it doesn't help that grown up models are fifteen. But I don't think it's the dress... I think it's the way they styled her.