Two lovely gifts:

1. E gave me a gift card to Anthropologie. I decided against clothing as I had other clothing gift cards and relished the idea of buying things I would, under other circumstances, discount. I sniffed my way around the store and decided on hand cream and soap that I had tried a couple of months ago and loved.

Olive blossom! (As if I've ever smelled them.) A beautiful addition to my kitchen.

2. The director of the UK branch has brought me presents in the past. This year, he was not visiting at Christmas but told me there was a treat for me in the company courier pouch (shhh!). It was Christmas Pudding!


K mixed up some hard sauce, we steamed the pudding for an hour or so and...OH MY GOODNESS!

It's been a very long week, relaxing and cozy, but, this morning, I had a dream about work and I'm thinking it's nearly time to go back.

Here's hoping you and yours have had wonderful celebrations (we rolled over and wished each other a happy new year last night).



Is that like "oh give us a figgy pudding"? Cool!

Mr Sunshine got out of his chair at midnight and hobbled over to give me a kiss, then we went out onto the porch and watched the fireworks over in the wealthy neighborhood.
Should have googled it first! Yours is more like a plum pudding.
Now I know!
Anonymous said…
It sounds so spy-like and diplomatic "...in the courier pouch." What fun!

I have never sniffed the Anthropologie fragrance, but this coriander and olive tree fragrance (never smelled olive trees, either) is wonderful. I keep myself supplied with the lotion and liquid hand soap (and I am one who buys the cheapest shampoo, etc., at Wal-Mart, so that is saying something).
Paola said…
I kissed Fabio so passionately at midnight whilst under the Dolomites' stars and amidst a LOT of people that he pulled away!

Afterwords (I grilled him) he confessed: he was shy.

I'm still wondering if that's sweet or terrible.

Ahhhh ... Anthro ...