yesterday and the future

I took Youngest to four appointments yesterday.
THEN we ate McDonalds. We hadn't had McDonalds in over a year, not that I'm making excuses.
I should have had a Big Mac. I love the Big Mac. Instead, I went with the Angus Burger with cheese and bacon, which was good, but not the same kind of thing. To my mind, McDonalds should taste like a Big Mac and not try to taste like a burger joint.
Aren't you glad you clicked over here?

FOUR appointments.
He's better. And he has a benign cardiac issue. You know, because he's Youngest.

But, enough of that!
Have I mentioned that KT and I have organized The Holiday Party?
We did. We have - it's next Tuesday and I am looking forward.
I've browsed around for something to wear but have settled on something in my closet...but that doesn't mean I didn't have a little look over at AllSaints.


I swear, these captions could write themselves.


Beautiful Dress For Drunk.


(I happen to know that this skirt is exquisite.)

rotator cuff

It's a rotator cuff injury.


I don't even know. I had no idea it was even possible to cross one's ankles and stand. Perhaps it isn't.

It's icy cold here in the Greater Tuvalu Area and there is actual ice in a lot of places.
I'm off to the dentist but I think you should go read this.


Do you tell Youngest that he is responsible for all your (nonexistent) grey hair?

About once a year, I crave a Big Mac and then I'm fine for another 364 days.

Can't wait to see how you outdid LAST year's party!
Anonymous said…
It's true about McDonald's. Why try to perfect a burger when you have the fries NAILED?
How does that model channel such a level of ANGST?
Anonymous said…
I think the model is wearing magic 5" heels in the last photo, that's how she stands up. Actually, I think any 5" heels would have to be magic in order for the wearer to stand up.
Paola said…
I'll tell you what I think: I think model poses now a days are AWFUL, they all look like DYING people.
Sorry, I had to say it out loud.

Happy for the good news re Youngest
Duyvken said…
4 appts? I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
alice c said…
That silver waistband skirt has MissM's name on the label.

Glad the heart condition is benign - when does Youngest start street running again?
KPB said…
Four appts would be enough to make me eat two big macs and all the rest.

That exquisite skirt? With what it's paired with? That is the type of outfit I wear when thinner. I'm working on getting back there.

How is Youngest coping/dealing/processing this latest development?
KPB said…
Oh, and what Paola said, about models? *snort*
Anonymous said…
Three cheers for Youngest. And that model looks like someone I wouldn't want to know. A mean girl. A constipated mean girl.

Scot said…
Can you get through an airport wearing that skirt?
Fabio said…
Wait, what! No survivor update? You know I live for those.
Hilary said…
I am a once or twice a year mickey D’s girl, but usually I stick to a happy meal. Poor youngest… What an awful day for you both, but fortunately the issues are benign…