things we like this weekend

This commercial:

This photo:

This recipe:

These shoes:


Jan said…
I'm not really a *shoe person*, but those shoes!! And no link....?!! Or hint?
Caterina said…

Yes, agree with be*mused jan, would love a link! A hint! SOMETHING!

That's the second time you have posted shoes that I cannot live without, until I find out the price :).
Scot said…
OK, gotta take the mystery out of my last comment.
I was in a car wreck - which is a REAL pain in the ass because I DON"T EVEN DRIVE!!!
We had our first measurable snow here in town and some stupid texan (texans are universally hated here in Colorado!) in a 4WD came sliding through the intersection and t-boned the car I was riding in. I got hit in the head, by what I'm still not sure and it gave me a black eye and popped my jaw painfully, THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING! My Thanksgiving dinner was milkshakes and painkillers, but I'm thankful though. It could have been alot worse. The fire dept had to use the jaws of life to get me out of the car, which was pretty much totaled. I walked away a bit bloodied BUT I did walk away! Did you know that air bags in a Mini Cooper are BLUE? How cool is that! I always thought they were white.
Anyway, I thought for sure my jaw was broken but x-rays said no. It just hurt ALOT to open my mouth. I'm sure some people were happy 'bout that! :O) and, AND the black eye meant I didn't have to deal with customers. Yay. I was also pretty sure that I looked like Cher's son in the movie Mask.
All in all, not a great weekend, but hey, any excuse for milkshakes is a good day, right?
Scot said…
By the way, thanks for ALL the goodwill. THAT makes me feel better.
RW said…
OK: the advert for the gum - absolutely hilarious. I don't think we are seeing that in canada yet.

Scot: amazing you walked away. glad you are making a recovery. car accidents are horrific.
Paola said…
Scot! That is both horrible and good news. I mean, just to read what happened and then that you walked on your own feet.
Glad to hear you could go home.
You know, I always thought small cars are NOT for the US. For this exact reason ...
Thanks for explaining and feel better soon!

PS Thank you Bb for letting us use your blog ... !