the thing is

It's been a rough couple of weeks out here in Tuvalu - lots on our plates, and though not all of it was bad (K is doing another wonderful gig through January) some of it has been a little harrowing.
I know I've alarmed several of you but, truly, things will be fine, and when I read The Thing Is it was completely appropriate for what I was feeling at the time.
All will be well. But, maybe, not till this weekend. Or even next Wednesday.
And I do so appreciate your thinking of us.
And I'll be back soon and we can talk about shoes, I promise.


Mary said…
xo, also.
Anonymous said…
Sending good wishes that all will indeed be well.
KPB said…
OH DUDE, you so know how much we love you don't you? And that while it does not make it any less harrowing it kind of makes it better? Just a little?

Anonymous said…
{{squeezy hug}}

Isn't there a saying? Shoes heal all wounds? Wait...okay, well, maybe that's not the saying, but maybe it could be.

And hey, do you know what season it is? Why, it's "Love, Actually" season! And I will be watching it this weekend, and will think of you.


I was also thinking that we all need a viewing of Love, Actually!

I hope things settle down soon and you can just breathe.
Unknown said…
Glad to hear it's nowhere near as bad as any of the awful things I feared had happened.

I can completely relate to what feeling, and we all can use a little reminder that all WILL be well, even if it's not right at thisverymoment, as ee cummings would say.

I try to remind myself that we wouldn't have peaks without valleys, though it's sometimes difficult to remember how spectacular the view can be from one of the peaks when you're mired in a valley, seemingly surrounded by steep mountains to climb. But at least we can always contemplate the best shoes for whatever journey we're on.

Here's to some imminent good news and good shoes, all around!
Unknown said…
what YOU'RE feeling, that is...
Miz S said…
Yes! A viewing of Love Actually is definitely needed.

That poem is lovely.

I don't like "harrowing." I like "peaceful" and "uneventful."
NorahS said…
Ah, shoes...such bliss. I, too, have been pining for a viewing of "Love, Actually", actually. Continuing to send good thoughts your way.
wendy c said…
looking forward to better days for you... and the shoe post
RW said…
I am carrying you in my heart. I have copied that poem into my journal.
Anonymous said…
Wishing you peace, friend.
robiewankenobie said…
tuesday? how about tuesday? if it can't be this weekend (which it should be), i think tuesday. wednesday is just too far away for my tastes.

<3 rwkn
Paola said…
The thing is: this is LIFE.
So we'll all be here, thinking about you, hoping for just happy, good things to hop your way.

And a shoe post.
ThirdCat said…
Hang in there, bb.