I only saw the last half hour but it doesn't matter!
Naonka and Purple Kelly (she could have been called two-legged Kelly!) both quit!
Quit, I tell you, and we hate them for it.
Okay, hate may be a strong word, but we don't take kindly to quitters and we were equally appalled that they are now on the jury.
Don't you think people who quit should go home? Not back to the hotel?

In other news: I'm half done with my Christmas shopping.


Scot said…
I call that Pullin' a palin!
Anonymous said…
My opinion is the same as yours.

In fact , if they are not allowed to go home until the end... a tent and a outdoor shower is what the NON-JURY quitters should have...with no contact with the jury. IMHO!!
Duyvken said…
Naonka? I have never watched Survivor but now I think I am missing an excellent baby name resource.
Food for though, bb.
Badger said…
I hated Naonka already and I am APPALLED that she is now part of the jury after quitting. Because I wanted her off my TV immediately and forever. Argh.

I'm not sure when this happened, but I think I want Holly to win.
Grandma Cebe said…
They definitely should have been sent home and not to the jury. They quit, for heaven's sake! After last night, I also want Holly to win.
Anonymous said…
HALF done? You're just bragging now. I'm not even started. Sheesh.
Amy A. said…
Last time someone quit, they were not even given last comments.

I resent them. :( Quitters, argh.