the Survivor Finale

Look, I'm in no shape to do a line-by-line report over here.
I barely watched last week though I do know that Jane got voted off last week. I also know that Jane rocked the bikini. Sure she was old and wrinkly looking but she looked pretty damned good and, I'm guessing, was comfortable. I think they were stupid to vote her off as I cannot imagine she'll be an easy jury member.
Mom isn't ready for the recap. Sadly, Jeff can't hear her objections.
K insists that Brenda MUST have a modeling contract as of TOMORROW.
Chase and Sash played Immunity Idols and were safe...but, obviously, they can't be trusted.
No one is in a deeper hole than Fabio says Jeff. But he won the last Immunity Challenge.
Tonight is the last night. We're on Day 37.

Fabio thinks he's the next out. Or is it Holly?
He talks to Dan and Holly. He talks to Sash.
(Mom and I contemplate the Pepperidge Farm Cookie issue. Does one eat a full level of cookies? What does one do with the wee paper cup/dish thing?)

Back to the action, in the rain, at a challenge.
Run to stations, answer questions, retrieve puzzle pieces, solve the puzzle.
It's wet and the puzzle questions are fun.
Chase, Holly and Sash are all solving the puzzle.
Dan and Fabio are behind.
Fabio catches up quickly and he's tied with Sash.
Fabio wins!

Ack. Fabio wins and we have to hear about it. ANNOYING.
He wants Holly out first.
But Chase wants Dan out first.
Fabio tells Dan he may be next to go.
He needs to speak with Sash.
Dan approaches Sash. He makes a case for voting Holly out.
Fabio talks to Sash. Gosh this is boring. Are you guys bored with this? Is there going to be a memorial walk in which the contestants reminisce about their fallen comrades? Because, if there IS, I might have to go fold some laundry. Or something.

Holly confronts Sash and Fabio. She feels she has to trust her alliance. Can she?
They go to Tribal Council.
Holly is worried.
Dan explains that he doesn't need a million dollars and, therefore, is not a threat.
Once the votes are read...
Mom is sorry to see him go but I feel like he was a crappy player.
AND it sounds like he's going to be a nasty jury member.

The next morning the final four...OH, NO, it's just what I said! The Rite of Passage.
I'll be back in a few minutes.

One more present wrapped and I'm back to see Fabio win the final Immunity Challenge.
I could see him winning the whole thing. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He hasn't thrilled me.

(I've seen the last 40 minutes of Miracle On 34th Street three times this weekend and I just want to point out that Santa gives that tall fellow, from the Home For The Aged, an X-RAY machine for Christmas. I'm telling you as it took me three viewings to figure it out, which I could only do after watching the first third of the film AGAIN. FYI.)

At camp, Holly asks Chase to join her for a chat.
Sash is a little surprised that Fabio has won again and he says he'll do whatever he can to go to the final with Fabio. He discusses the jury votes with him. He tells Fabio he's his best friend in the game. Does Fabio believe him? I can't tell, but I wouldn't.
Chase tells him otherwise.
Holly lobbies to have Sash go next.
Fabio realizes that Holly has never done anything to him.
But would she win jury votes?
Such problems.

So, Holly, Sash, Fabio and Chase go to Tribal Council.
Fabio talks about his day.
Sash has to come clean about his alliance with Chase and Holly.
Fabio has to do some thinking.
They vote.
Sash, Holly, Holly, Holly. Sheesh. I'm not happy.
Has Fabio just won a million dollars?

The guys go back to camp.
They have the Last Meal. Lots of talk, plotting, maneuvering.
Each player has his own strategy.
They burn the camp (why? why do players do that?).
They go before the jury.
They'll each make their case and then be questioned by the jury.
Chase says he'll welcome the questions.
Fabio says he's had a ton of fun and not crossed anyone.
Sash reminds them that he's played differently and better.

The jury has at them, as juries do. Some make their peace, some make accusations.
I have no real opinion about who I think should win.
The jury votes...Jeff goes to Los Angeles...Jeff arrives in Los Angeles and starts to read the votes.
Fabio, Chase, Fabio, Chase, Chase, Chase, Fabio, Fabio, tied! Fabio wins!
Amazing and well done!


Anonymous said…
He's goofy, but I like him.
Happy with the outcome, for once!

Paola said…
Is he Italian?
Chris said…
I was glad fabio won! At least out of the final 3. Jane would have been my first choice, or JJ.
Pretty good season, but what happened to the car giveaway challenges and was there a eating of gross things challenge this season? Maybe I missed it.
eurolush said…
Yay, Fabio!

Paola's Fabio, right?

Because he deserves a million bucks--after the dinner he made for us the summer before last.

I'd vote for him any day!
Paola said…
... and he would cook for you AGAIN! Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all get together here and have K and Fabio cook for us while we all sit outside on the terrace and drink and laugh and BE together??!
THink about it ...
Anonymous said…
Hooray, I was rooting for him or Holly to win. But he kind of lost me at the LA part of the show. His middle aged woman from the 80s haircut threw me, and then he sounded like a nut when he was trying to explain what he'd like to do with his winnings. Ah youth.