reward offered

A few weeks ago, when things seemed dire at my house, K and I spent a morning shopping as a means of distraction. We went to Old Navy and then to Target (where a sales person succeeded in making my cry by reprimanding me) and bought a bunch of stupid stuff like gift bags and tissue paper AND a grey cotton turtleneck.

An awful lot has happened between then and now but I know one thing.
I have worn that turtleneck and, perhaps, even washed it.
It was $9.95.
Why am I telling you about it?
Because I haven't seen it since....well, since about December 5th.
I have washed every article of clothing we own (sort of - a couple of people do their own laundry), shuffled through other people's wardrobes and drawers and accused each member of my family of making off with it.
Where the HELL is my grey turtleneck?
I'll give you five bucks for my grey turtleneck.
I spent half an hour, on Christmas morning, looking for my cheap, small, grey turtleneck.
It's making me crazy.



Ali said…
I lost a new pair of Mark's trousers about a month ago. Searched all over with no luck. Then, he appeared wearing them. They had slipped off the hanger and gone behind the boxes at the bottom of the wardrobe. Perhaps your sweater is in the same spot? In your own wardrobe, not his.
The Coffee Lady said…
Yes, it's in the bottom of a wardrobe. Someone else's wardrobe. Or a drawer that no-one uses. Or the back of the car.
Scot said…
Check your car - women always seem to have clothing in their cars. I've never been able to figure that out!
Duyvken said…
Happens to me often. It's usually adhered itself to something else made of soft cotton and is sitting quietly in a pile I have shuffled through several times already before finally making itself known.
RW said…
or if you wear layers... inside another layer...
Anonymous said…
maybe it has be taken by the same evil force that makes off with single socks?

It's hanging out with the bag of stocking stuffers that disappeared from my car on the 24th. I think they were in a bag with some pre-cooked bacon that is also MIA.
Anonymous said…
I bet it's hanging out with my cream linen tunic with the front ties. I haven't seen that for two years and it puzzles me beyond belief.

I always imagine lost articles sitting somewhere obvious thinking to themselves, "I'm right here. Why can't she see me?"
Lucille said…
You have my heartfelt sympathy. Looking for things is mentally and physically exhausting. Could it be inside a washed pillow case or duvet cover? Or perhaps it's wrapped round my sat nav ? A friend told me to let my lost brooch go and then it would come back to me. It did. From the inside of a filing cabinet.
Carol said…
If you washed it with sheets, it will be in the corner of the fitted sheet. Please let us know if you find it. ARG!
Anonymous said…
So weird! The same thing has happened to things here--a sweatshirt, actually two, and a t-shirt. And all the laundry is accounted for!
What would possess a sales clerk to reprimand YOU?
Paola said…
Now that's one RUDE salesperson. Should have reported her/him/IT. Or let K have a chat witih her/him/IT!
Your turtleneck coud be anywhere previous commenters already suggested, being small and lightweight (cotton).
BUT, it'll pop out of nowhere, as it usually occurs in these cases, remember your beloved hat?
Anonymous said…
Your turtleneck thinks it's a sock. Or maybe it marched back to Target to tell them a thing or two.

RW said…
any luck?
inside a fitted sheet. brilliant.
it is like a blackbird mystery.
waiting to be solved.
unmitigated me said…
Here I am wishing that the Mayor of Jennsylvania had been at Target with you...and I'd have paid to see it.
Anonymous said…
If you had a cat you could blame it for hiding the turtleneck. I lost one sock from the first pair I ever knit. After being MIA for a year it suddenly appeared on the stairs one day. We blamed the cats. Good luck and I hope that Target clerk is over his/her snitty fit. Imagine, reprimanding our bb!