of interest to no one but myself, perhaps

The same things keep cropping up around me.
Verbally, visually, it's a little strange.
For example, I spent the day with Youngest yesterday, who is doing poorly but will be well in time, thank you, and amidst the three thousand questions a doctor asked him was the usual any allergies question, to which he replied that he is allergic to horses, pine trees and dust, all proved out with blood tests last year.  We were in the ER at the time and a bracelet was made for him toot sweet which said: HORSES in the space normally reserved for PENICILLIN. I find that humorous.
Earlier in the week we were all marveling at this! And not only do we think the very IDEA of a chalkboard horse is GENIUS, but we did the math and have seen that it is LUCRATIVE as well! I do believe the gift of a chalkboard horse is brilliant and would encourage you to purchase one. TOOT SWEET.
Then, today, I arrived at my office and received a thank-you from a little girl and what has she done? Illustrated the card WITH A HORSE.
Finally, I read through my subscriptions on Google Reader and spied this.
So. Horses. Everywhere.

I rode the train this morning with a woman I've been spying on for some time. She is very tiny and has a distinct Linda Hunt look. She has a very expensive handbag and discreet but important jewelry. She reads a lot of magazines and has a wee tiny Barbour jacket and nicely tailored trousers and lives in my town and works down the block from my office. (Imagine? I see her in the parking lot at the train station and then ride or walk downtown with her and she continues on to a building just past my office, much like Cole-Haan.)
Today she sat next to me and settled herself in and began reading and I realized, much to my horror, that her air (not her breath, exactly, as I could not directly smell her breath) smelled terrible! I grabbed some gum and attempted to breathe through my scarf to no avail. Strangely, my iPod was of some comfort. Don't ask me how.

I simply cannot believe that Christmas is upon us. I mean, I realize that it is three weeks away but, surely, that time will pass in a flash. I'm not ready. I'm not going to be ready.

Finally, I'm watching The Men Who Stare At Goats. I've seen it four times now, in various pieces, and have to say that I didn't think much of it the first couple of times. Now, however, I do believe it's pretty good. Even if you don't agree, I think we can all say that there's nothing wrong with looking at George Clooney for an hour and forty minutes.


OK, so I watched Men Who Stare At Goats for the first time a week ago and am quietly obsessing over it. Anyone for a touch of cloud bursting?

And seriousy, George? Ewan? The addition of Robert and Johnny is pretty much the only thing that could have made it better.

She smelled? Bad? Oh, that is wrong on so many levels. (You know where I'm thinking that smell was emanating from don't you. Dirty woman. Blech.)

I too am so not ready for Christmas and most certainly will not be. Winning lotto would ease the issue I suspect.

And Horses on the bracelet? Too too funny. At least they know now that when they bring the HORSES in to cheer up the kids (pfft, in Australia we only get them bringing around bloody dogs) to head them off at the door.


Scot said…
Owls. Owls keep popping up in my life lately. And in the strangest places. Bookmarks, logos I hve to deal with at work, and, in an unusually beautiful way, in silver and turquoise jewelery I saw a woman wearing TODAY! She had long grey/white hair and those owls on her ears sparkled so briliantly.

I have many great ideas but, as yet, haven't purchased a single gift. Maybe this weekend.

"...and don't call me Shirley."
Sorry - had to do that!
Paola said…
Sadly, one can see a lot of those women, very expensive clothing and jewellery and especially accessories BUT
can't go anywhere near them, they do stink.
Horses uh?
Don't get me started with Christmas, I am trying to figure out what's happened between August and now, I've said it before and I shall confirm it, I truly missed it all.
George Clooney. Meh.
Anonymous said…
By the way, that link you provided yesterday for "How to draw an owl" totally cracked me up! I took it to work with me today and we all cracked up over it. When our client came in he saw it, accidently, and he cracked up about it also.
Thanks, I really needed that.
Scot said…
That was me. Typical of the last 8 days. Its been Monday: part 5 for the last week.
Owls are showing up in my life also..a photo I took last year on UCF campus, a small Christmas ornament paper one I saw at the art museum that I am trying to recreate, and one that I keep hearing outside my bedroom window at night.

Sending good healing vibes for Youngest.
Hilary said…
You are a good woman… Can’t say I could have done the same thing…. I would have wiggled my nose, in classic bewitched style (unable to control myself), and then have gotten up and switched seats, or stood the rest of the way…
RW said…
I had to go back and reread your post after reading all the comments. She smelled. Bad.

Isn't that always the way?

I love those horses.

I am very happy to report that I have secured the boxer shorts for the christmas stockings. I always leave those to the end and then I have few choices. This time. I have done it AHEAD of schedule.
Betty 2.0 said…
I've had a horsey week as well! Pet some horses over Thanksgiving down south and then found this picture of my dad!
Anonymous said…
I can agree with you on George and not being ready for Christmas. Horses. How funny. Aren't allergies so specific sometimes?
The Coffee Lady said…
I'm a bit alarmed at the chalkboard horses. Eldest has the original ones to play with, you see. The black ones look a little like horse demons to me, horses that went over to Another Place.
Anonymous said…
1) I left work after a meeting this morning (not feeling well, nothing serious, I call it General Malaise), but there was a woman talking about horses during the meeting for some reason. In a non-equine-related meeting! Now I know why.

2) I JUST finished watching the last 45 minutes of Michael Clayton (best movie ending ever) since I am suffering from General Malaise, and as you say, watching George Clooney for even part of an hour can't help but raise one's spirits.

So it's still happening for you! The horses and George are not stopping.