notes from the commute

I sat behind Cole-Haan yesterday.
I'm not sure he saw me when he sat down, but I know he noticed me when he stood to leave.
Sadly, I think he may have become confused as the woman sitting next to me was wearing:
the very same long down puffy coat
black gloves
and had the same haircut I have.
Poor fellow.
I did see that he had spectacularly subtle brown suede laced shoes...and that he was sitting with the smelly woman.

So it goes.


Anonymous said…
Here is a horrid thought for you: the smelly woman is his mother/wife/daughter/whatever age relationship works.
Anonymous said…
You were sitting next to someone who looks like you and was wearing what you were wearing? Eek!

Anonymous said…
Oh no!
Paola said…
You're joking ... how many chances are there in Tuvalu to sit on a train next to someone like you AND dressed like you ...