new year's eve dinner

The setting: the living room. Middle tends the fire. Youngest lounges in the leather chair, Oldest contemplates his wine.

Oldest: Hey, are we having that peppercorn sauce with the filet?

K (from the kitchen): Yeah.

Youngest: Ah, peppercorn sauce. Second only to unicorn sauce.


Rachel said…
Sounds delicious - the peppercorn, not the unicorn sauce.

Happy new year's to you and the family :)
Scot said…
Frankly, I like unicorn sauce. Its great on Spotted Owl w/ hearts of hummingbirds
And, I like your boys, they seem to be pretty cool and laid-back.

...hoping this is a great new year for everybody!
NorahS said…
Ha! Clever one, that Youngest! Happy New Year!
Anonymous said…
Oh! I've a beef tenderloin roast resting, and peppercorn sauce, too.
Love to you and yours for a happy, healthy New Year!
mmm unicorn sauce, second only to bbq-ed puppies.
Miz S said…
Happy New Year, blackbird!
Paola said…
Ah, Youngest never fails.
happy new year! xoxo