links from Middle

First, there's this, which is just fabulous:

And, then, I sent him this because we (Middle and me) are all about the giant devices.
Have I told you about our corkscrew invention? The one that involves a mule?
Well, the one we envision is even bigger than this:

Majestic, non?

Then we got into this kind of thing, which brought us, quickly, to this, which, I think, I've blogged before.
Doesn't matter, it's still funny as hell.

We had a brief Michael Jordan conversation.
I have no beef with Michael Jordan or Bill Gates, surprisingly.

The whole conversation, which took place whilst sitting next to each other with our laptops, rounded out with this video:

which is icing on my/our cake, don't you think?


The last one was pretty cool, but I think if Santa brings one to my husband for Christmas I'll have to move out.

The practicing would be brutal.
Paola said…
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed the Santas--I've always hated "the Final Countdown" and on a kazoo it's just as despicable.
I love having older kids.
Anonymous said…
Neato. That corkscrew is indeed magestic.