just my type

save the date


I've been using Pandora and Pinterest to settle my nerves.


Is that first one a wedding announcement?

The last one is SO appropriate for my life right now!
marian said…
Hey Stranger... just wanted to thank you for always being a reliable ray of sunshine. And for Pinterest! wow. And to let you know that I'm rooting for Youngest. Sending good vibes your way. xoxo
alice c said…
The Charming MasterN, beau of MissM, has a poster in his room which says

"Drink Vodka
Get Drunk."

He is a responsible young man so he mainly drinks tea.
Lover Lady said…
*LOVES* the last one....I am going to make that into a poster to hang on my work wall. And I *LOVES* Gill Sans...use it all. the. time. Prettier than Arial but still simple.
Unknown said…
I re-posted the Modern Art one on Facebook, giving you all due credit, of course! I can also think of more than a few people I'd like to send the last one to, as well.
Unknown said…
(P.S. Although shouldn't it be "cannot"?)
The Coffee Lady said…
I have a husband who will love these.
Paola said…
I don't like it when you are nervous ... I am sending you ALL my powerful Christmassy light filled, soul lifting, happy inducing vibes.
on the way ... with love