it's coming on Christmas

The presents are wrapped (note to me: expecting one more each for Middle and Oldest) and our tiny tree is up and I've watched Love Actually (skipping over parts I couldn't bear this year).
I need to make a food-present for my boss (so hard gifting the boss!) and mean to make the cookies the boys love but do not have the energy and am planning to do it during the holiday break.

Yesterday, after taking Youngest to the dentist (file under: more medical drama)(for me, not him, he takes things in stride) we decided to explore the year-end options for the renewal of our Jeep lease.

red jeep

K wanted a red one. And so, a red one we shall have. Next week sometime. No navigation (iPhone GPS!), no Bluetooth (iPhones on speakerphone!) no heated seats (cloth!).
We are being very thrifty and I was terribly excited to haggle with the salesman over $19 a month and win.

Off to the supermarket.

Oh! And! The Survivor Finale is tonight. I'll cover it if you'd like.


I could live without any perks....except the heated seats! I am addicted. Sometimes afraid I will fall asleep at the wheel on the way home from work in the dark, Christmas music on, and my heated seats.

I'm such a hedonist.
NorahS said…
I would like it if you would cover the Survivor finale. I wish I had my gifts wrapped. *sigh*
Paola said…
'Tis the season ...
In this, my first "I'm NOT working retail" Christmas, I'm planning to cook or bake EVERYTHING my kids ask for.

I like the red jeep.
halloweenlover said…
I got Love Actually for Hanukkah and I'm going to watch it tonight- yay!

I actually love my cloth seats and prefer them to leather. I don't know why exactly. Love the jeep!
Carol said…
We got many presents wrapped today and are waiting for a few to still arrive as well.

What are the parts of "Love Actually" you can't bear this year? I too have had a viewing of it, maybe my third ever. Still don't have all the relationships sorted out.
RW said…
we watched it too.
my daughter downloaded the billy mac version of christmas is all around ...

love the jeep. we are looking at jeeps.
Scot said…
"...they're cuttin' down trees,
they're puttin up reindeer
and singing songs of joy and peace...!"

Absolutely LOVE that song but only by Joni Mitchell. Although Ironman's version is pretty good too.
Scot said…
ALSO, I truly hope you watched the deleted scenes. The part about the wretched son, including the lesbian headmistress, is the one of the best parts of that dvd.


Coffee with coffee flavored Bailey's and cranberry/orange scones with Lyles Golden Syrup!!!
Sooooo Good! Thanks!
and yes it was a bit early but I had so much to get done today, so what the hell!?!
Miz S said…
Oh, the red Jeep will be fun. And $19 a month savings? Good on ya. I should be more thrifty myself, lord knows.