I work with great people

It's been a hellish week. Not at work, mind you, but at home.
My Youngest is doing poorly and I am rattled.
What makes it easier is going off to my job. I know that may sound a little strange, but, in the past, when Youngest has been ill I've only been able to sit on my hands. Now I have a distraction. I'm still available when he needs me but I have my own life too. I suppose it's also a metaphor for having an older child. He doesn't need me in the same way.
This week at work the balloon handlers continued to bask in the afterglow of our experience, hilarity ensued at lunch-time on several occasions and I quietly reveled in the comfortable relationships I have with several co-workers.
My friend J spent much of the week working with a celebrity/socialite on a project and came back with wonderful stories to tell. My friend A is watching her beloved dog live out his last weeks which is bittersweet for me to hear about. I am enjoying the company of C, who is new to the staff and completely delightful.
About a month ago it became obvious that a young woman who sits down the hall from me was pregnant. I was polite and discreet about it as she is shy and very quiet - but I was excited. At some point she was teasing with her boss about it and I joined in, defending her, and, happily, taking part in the teasing. When we had a minute alone later in the day I told her how happy I am for her. We laughed over wearing the same blousey tops from H&M, newly purchased. Yesterday, she passed me in the hall and lowered her eyes and whispered it's a girl! and I wanted to squeal. She's the perfect girl-mom. I could see how thrilled she was. I walked away excited for her but also so happy that she told me. It was like being included in a joyous secret.
I haven't had a minute, all week, to visit with A, at the back of the office. Finally, today, I got a chance to see him. We had so much to tell each other we stepped on each other's words. He's the same age as Oldest but totally different. I love chatting with him about fashion and music and what he's up to. I had to run back to my office after a bit but he pressed a note in my hand with four words on it:

Bibio - the fabulous background music he had playing softly in his office.

Gargyle - beautiful shopping to explore.

Rachel Comey - he thinks I should have these shoes! I quite agree.

How lucky am I?


Scot said…
Is the 4th word a secret? Or did I miss something?

Today, FRIDAY, couldn't have come any sooner. LONG week!
However, my black eye has cleared up and my face is no longer swollen!!!!! I can eat solid foods again!!!
We, at the shop, got our two broken lasers fixed and back today and we should be able to use them next week! Yay!
Our phone system got fixed today! Yay!
Now all we have left to fix is our $1,400 printer and maybe we can catch up on a week...
I love how you love your co-workers. I gave my 2 week notice today. I won't miss my job or my boss but there are co-workers I really enjoy. There are only 2 that I have a relationship with IRL and I will miss the others.

Those Rachel Comey boot clogs have your name written all over them!
Paola said…
I am sorry to hear Youngest is going through another rough patch. And I agree it's a great thing to have a job especially when you have such nice coworkers you can enjoy.
I couldn't see the shoes, just the shop, wonder why ...
Scot, wat happened to your face??? Feel better.
RW said…
I, too am sorry to year your Youngest is struggling.

It is very good to have coworkers you enjoy. I too have that privilege.
Unknown said…
I'm sorry to hear that Youngest is having some challenges, but glad to hear you're able to handle it with relative equanimity.

And yes, yes, YES to those Rachel Comey shoes! They are totally you!!

I wish I could shop at Saks. If I had the $$, I could do some serious damage there...
I am of the opinion that nothing surpasses the delight of a happy and fun workplace. Nothing.

And I'm holding Youngest close in my thoughts, which probably skeeves him out no end or at least deeply embarrasses him. But there you have it.

And those shoes? Stunning.
And now I am concerned about Scot. What on earth?
NorahS said…
Sending good thoughts to Youngest and his mom! You are lucky to have such affable co-workers.
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, your poor son.
I love the pictures you've drawn of your co-workers for me. It sounds like you've discovered a perfect fit in so many ways.
alice c said…
Get well, Youngest.
Don't argue...just do it.
Miz S said…
I hope things are better by now. What a worry these health things are.
robiewankenobie said…
i went to work the day after a miscarriage, and right after my dad died. probably other times that i can't remember. i always find it cathartic to lose myself in the little details of a world not related.

i'm thinking of you and youngest.

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