goings on

K spent a good part of Sunday rebuilding Youngest's laptop. It only took about four hours to discover that a small bit of debris was blocking the shift key, leading Youngest, and then K, to believe there was some kind of hard drive failure.

Youngest and I shot some fruit with expired epi-pens. I was really surprised at how hard my pen shot and now have a much better understanding of how much force is needed.

Middle and I replaced broken lights for the front porch and then K and I strung them. Oof, my hands were cold!

We're ready.

(My office party is tonight!)


OOF on the outside, cozy on the inside.
Anonymous said…
Have a super evening! I hope you are wearing heels.

Your home DOES look cozy, shot up organges and all.

Hilary said…
Between the toasty fire, and the twinkling lights, your house looks so festive! I have been walking around with an epi pen for years, but never tried it out...I just realized from reading about your test, if I had to use it, I probably wouldn't be able to figure it out... Maybe I should practice....hope your office party was great!
RW said…
oh. the office party.
I hope we get a recap.
Anonymous said…
Your home looks lovely, inside and out.

Hope you have a spectacular evening, bb!

Ali said…
Oh your outside lights are pretty - mine are twinkly but sparse.
Paola said…