god only knows

I have the soundtrack to Love Actually on my iPhone, thanks to Youngest, and last night, as my head was spinning (the party was a great success, the train-ride home not so much) it played over and over in my brain.
It's been an eventful year, here in Tuvalu. We have weathered several storms and celebrated occasional victories.
We are, at year's end, okay. And that's fine.
One thing remained constant, through jobs and joblessness, in hospitals and waiting rooms and recovery, through worry and doubt and joyfulness - we are together, the five of us.
We are tired and a little weathered but we have stood together this whole year and so, I say, with great sentimentality and appreciation, that I have no idea where I'd be without my four fellows.
We have cemented ourselves together, this past year and I couldn't be more proud...or grateful.
People don't always realize that hard things can have an upside. But I do.
My wish is that we continue to turn toward each other. My hope is that we always feel this way.

And for you?
What do I wish for for you in 2011?

sand and sky

Oceans. Beautiful sunsets over oceans.


Champagne with good friends.

Evening concerts...

fabulous black shoes, and love.




Carol said…
My wish for us all this year (in response to your previous post as well) is a year of good health, prosperity and no unpleasant surprises, as well as much time with those we love and enjoy so much.
Poppy B. said…
Beautiful post, as always.

Wendy said…
Thank you for making me smile.
Amy A. said…
Have a very merry little christmas, blackbird family. xo
alice c said…
Who knows what is around the next corner in the road but it is always less nerve-wracking approaching the bend if you have good people to travel with.

(And a stylish pair of shoes)

Happy Christmas, bb and K and may 2011 bring good things for the Bird family.
Anonymous said…
My wish is always for time. Time spent to create happiness.

I remember at the end of 2008 - our turbulent year - just waiting for the new year to begin so that time would be fresh and we could draw breath.

I hope your new year is just like that too.
Anonymous said…
Your writing is beautiful and moving, and your boys are lucky to have you. Sending you a big squeezy holiday hug and a juicy smooch. Now let's hear about that party!

Families are amazing, aren't they? They come together in ways you can never imagine.

My wish for 2011 is that we all keep enjoying each other and appreciating our new "adult" family by treasuring the times we are together and yearning for more.
Anonymous said…
I'm prone to cry at the drop of a hat this time of year.

You are a treasure, bb.

Ahh, as we both know our 2010 has been similar - many many challenges with equal measure of mirth and good times.

Where would we be without our boys hey.

My wish for 2011? To watch my family grow a little older, a little wiser, a little taller (or a lot as the case always seems to be) all done with much happiness, love, plenty of cuddles and embarrassing shows of affection - bucketloads of laughter and a bottle or 10 of champagne wouldn't go astray either.

I have come to realise and accept that bad shit will happen but from that quagmire there is always always good.

Duyvken said…
A healthy baby and a continued happy disposition for myself.
RW said…
2010 was a year we stood firm together.

I wish you and yours a merry merry christmas.
Terese said…
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, Blackbird + K, Youngest, Middle and Oldest. xxxx
Anonymous said…
Your love for your tribe is fierce, a lot like mine. Here's to you and your tribe in 2011, merry and jolly and wonderful. (My word validation is "trimen" which is oddly appropriate)
Miz S said…
What a sweet post. I wish all good things for you and your boys, little blackbird.
eurolush said…
Right back atcha!

Paola said…
You are so right.
I'm with you.

PS It's COLD here!