the day after

It's just as it should be.

Christmas cookies.

Laptops. Couch. Fire.

Funniest damn present.

Coolest damn shoes.


Jen said…
I love your effing horse!!!
Scot said…
Thse look like Mexicab Wedding Cookies. Yumm!
How can your house look so DAMN clean, the day after?
This place looks like everybody who dropped in dragged half the front yard through here.
I'd have to go to the mountains if I wanted to play in the snow, so I can't use that as an excuse!
Anonymous said…
maybe she had a polopony scholarship...
The Coffee Lady said…
I've got a stable and tack for that horse.

You think I'm kidding.
alice c said…
And friends thinking of you on the other side of the Atlantic and hoping you keep safe in the snow storm.
RW said…
such a crazy world.
we are having the mildest of days
they say our snow is still yet to come.
better not be in february.
enjoy your quiet.
Those shoes are cool. COOL.

Just spoke w/ my friends a few suburbs away from you who have been SLEDDING on their driveway. Amazing.
Anonymous said…
Great shoes! Hooray for the horse too! Who the heck got you that.

Suse said…
Hope it was a good one dear bb!

Nice shoes.
Unknown said…
Sounds ideal! Enjoy!

And, yes, coolest damn shoes! Do want! Glad YOU have!

(I wasted plenty o' time on the internet looking at shoes, today. Thus far, I have exercised restraint, but there was a pair of Halston grey booties that sorely tempted me; I think you would've liked them, too.)
Anonymous said…
Glad to see it was perfect at your place!
Paola said…
All is well.