It would appear that the rain won't move in until after I'm done with the parade.
I've got my outfit planned (though I still can't decide between Uggs and sneakers) and I feel tired enough to hit the hay pretty early.
It's 7:57 and I have officially STOPPED DRINKING FLUIDS.

It's day 29 and Jeff does an opening recap of the season and we realize that it's a recap show. Sure, new scenes are promised, but can that keep me on the couch?


Talk to you tomorrow.



Bring snacks? Mints? M&Ms??
Mary said…
Go well bb go well.

Paola said…
I got up this morning and the first thing I thought was:


As, you know, we're a bit ahead of you and I am kind of living it in advance.
After ten days of steady rain the sun is weakly appearing again. Good sign!

Today is my cleaning day, I am fascinated by the variety of our world. But we're having a leg of turkey for lunch to celebrate Thanksgiving!!!
Susie Sunshine said…
We are SO EXCITED!! The DVR has been programmed as we'll likely be heading over the river and through the woods when your balloon wrangling is televised.

Enjoy your adventure! My children are certain your balloon will have the most fans!!
Amy A. said…
Happy Parade Day!!
Anonymous said…
I didn't watch Survivor either. But I have borrowed all of the seasons of West Wing from my boss, and am working my way through them. I never officially watched the show until I started seeing it on Bravo re-runs. But I loved it then, and am loving it now. Crushing on Josh Lyman...